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Death Battle Idea #126

By rumper1
Catfight!!! Black Cat VS Catwoman! Who do you think would win a death battle?
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Black cat will destroy Cat woman.
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The greatest cat fight.
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Black Cat is the best and te most beautiful!
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beauty isn't a factor in death battle (just sometimes in picking them)
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Black Cat... she has super powers,   a inferior iteration of captain america's super soldier serum
Black Cat is augmented with the syrum that made Captain America, as well as her own bad luck-causing mutant ability. Catwoman is a normal human. Given their incredibly similar talents, BC wins.

As for Catwoman taking Batman, Black Cat can hold her own and get an edge on Spiderman.
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No contest here. Black Cat wins :D
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Let's see: enhanced human with superior fighting techniques, probability manipulation, and a killer instinct vs Catwoman. Black Cat takes this one.
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By association alone, Selina. She's beaten Batman.
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Yeah, Batman really isn't all that great.  Beating him, contrary to what his fans say, is no impressive feat, especially when he doesn't have his requisite "prep time."

That said, the real winner here is... well, everyone watching the fight because at least one of those gals is going to pop out of her outfit. :)
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Just about every batman villain has beaten him one time or another.
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Black Cat actually has a version of a chemical made from the same super-soldier as Captain America.
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You know what they say about two women wearing the same outfit... :D

But seriously, this would end in a draw.
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Tough decision...
Depends on which version of Black Cat we're using.
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Depends on which version of the characters. If the Black Cat from the 90s animated series (I know this isn't the cannon version, but I like that one better) was used then she'd win pretty easily.
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Black Cat for the win... remember she DOES have that BAD LUCK POWER of hers ... which she can actually AIM at a person now. The ENTIRE fight would just be Catwoman hurting herself with her own toys as she is hit with HORRIBLY and almost IMPROBABLE bad luck throughout the entire fight.
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but she got those powers taken away
KamenRiderHellhound's avatar
She got them back: 

Those powers were removed from her for a while by Dr. Strange so they won't hurt those she loves, but they were restored by Mister Negative's scientist, Doc Tramma, which gave her more control over them than ever.
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Oooooh yeah! Forgot about that
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