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ok well since I can't draw for shit right now I've deicded to try and take some artsy photos. i've been wanting to start this project for a while. So the newest pictures up are part of a project of taking a picture for every song on Bloc Party's sophmore album "A Weekend in the City". each of the photos will be representing a song on the album. I try not to plan out a song. most of them wont have a study amd more about pictures of city structures.

3. Waiting for the 7:18
6. On
8. Kreuzberg
9. I Still Remember
10. Sunday
11. SRXT

1. Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
4. The Prayer
5. Uniform
7. Where is Home?

2. Hunting for Witches

possible redo:
- Waiting for the 7.18
- Sunday

WARNING: Songs that I am redoing will in fact be deleted. if it's good enough I may keep it and label it as something else.

I probably won't include "Flux" because I honestly don't know how to portray it. if I find something I will include it or possibly make an "Another Weekened in the City" photo project and include it in there (and possibly get some pohots for the B-Sides).

so I will try to keep these coming as quickly as possible.
- NeonFox
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yay! Dark Valkyrye's Chapter 2 is up, all of my Chapter 3 is up AND I gots me a new picture. it's not that good I'll tyr to get a better picture or even just use Dark Valkyrye's scanner once I get the chance. (I STILL NEED ONE!!!)
but yeah lately I've been brooding some dark ideas and concepts. and I owe it all to Massive Attack's fourth album "100th Window"! containing such dark and soul-lifting tracks like "What Your Soul Sings", "Everywhen", "Special Cases", "Prayer for England", "Small Time Shot Away" and my favourite: "Butterfly Caught"! :D

Chapter 4 will begin this week and don't worry I'llt ry not to leave you hanging.
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it's been a pretty slow week. i havne't gotten much done. it's really boring so....yeah. havne't got a lot done, been preoccupied with other things but I've been working on CHapter 3 but I can't most the rest up until Dark Valkyrye finsihes up her Chapter 2. so yeah it should all up by tomorrow along with a new drawing of Dark Skulk and then soon another Gnages and then the first one of Mezu. My first Gnages sucked so i'm gonna ge a better drawing up.

so yeah I'll try to get more up here.

well i guess i haven't been completely bored. Saberman has been chatting with me so I don't hang a noose above my head. nah i wouldn't do that. but no it's boring where I am. thank you saberman for keeping me form the boring.
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thanks to my girlfriend I'm finding the world a very creepy and perverted place. i already lost my innocence a long time ago but I mean the filth's just weird. the furries are concerning me hoenstly. they find certain things arousing. you know what I like? freckles. glasses. a girl who dones't spend the entire day shopping for shoes and reading Twilight.

first off people are attracted to clowns. CLOWNS. to this day I AM DEATHLY AFRAID of clowns and that's a legitamate phobia okay? it's the only childhood fear I still haven't gotten over (others being acrophobia, necrophobia, musophobia, all I've cured). but finding them attractive? NO!!!! BAD!!! second people attracted to mannequins and dolls. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?!!! then furries. now furries stuff i don't mind. i've seen a lot doing with Krystal (and I will admit she IS hot and when I first played Star Fox hands down thought she was sexy :D. which brings me to a subtangent: any Fox&Krystal pics are superb), that doesn't concern me. nor the idea of killing other people. well that concerns me a little...but not greatly. foot fetishes, nose, skin are all fine. still weird but okay. but arousal from being eaten alive? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!!?? ugh it makes me gag! it seriously does. is there like a normal furry? i gues snot but then again being normal is boring ;).

so anyways more of the Epikos novel will be up once Dark Valkyrye posts hers. in the meantime, more figures and I can introduce Rattus which I've learned has somewhat of a following in furrydom. keep in mind he's a giant fat rat. he was designed form nightmares i had when I was a kid (i was sick a lot so i hallucinated GREATLY). Eczema, allergies, chicken pox, was awful. and through amny nightmares can the haunting of a giant rat (which leads to a musophobia which I outgrew pretty quickly).

So stay tuned for more drawing figures of anthro (which leads me to say i jsut like drawing into okay furry people. plus i'm taken ;). i hate drawings humans i see enough of them everyday) and the Epikan novel. hoping Dark Skulk will get his mention since I love drawing him.

by the way as I'm writing this in a violent storm. THUNDAH is upon me!!!! and to top it off, you know how people strive for their art? well currently I am sharpening a pencil with a razor. A RAZOR.
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so i thought i just come out and give my identity: NeonFox.

what the hell is that you may ask? well at first I thought it was the most brilliant name I came up with until I realized other people thought of it first >:( so i came up with the first name that came to my mind. shouldn't have been lsitening to Shpongle. can you blame me? don't please I don't need the guilt. but anyways i got that name to personify myself in my drawings. why neon? i will never know. why foxes? oh i know why on that but that will be saved for a later time. but anyways yes. Dark Valkyrye did a drawing on me but it's very different from all my drawings. plus my arm sucks.

oh yeah time to explain that. i just got doen with physical therapy on my arm. i broke it. open fracture (not bone going through skin; that's a compund) clean across the radius AND ulna into my growth plate. i had to be X-rayed by an intern. IT SUCKED!!!! she didn't even know what the hell she was doing! i could steer a gurney better and i was doped up on morphine!

but i digress. give my drawings time and i will get better. so onto Epikos. Epikos is a graphic novel I am working on with Dark Valkyrye because we have overactive imaginations and are bored with our lives. other people do the saem stuff so don't be judging us. and a lot of them are good :D. it's not fan fiction either, enitrely made in our heads, no copying at all. any indetincal issues are purely by chance.

so yeah. keep in touch with that. there's a prolouge which is really short but start's this off.
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ok want to get this out of the way. originally i was gonna be called Dark Skulk but apparently that was a no. :(. so you can clal me that from now on. RumorsofVapours comes from a song by a psytrance band called Shpongle. been an avent fan of theirs. can't wait for the new album Raja Ram!!!!

so let's girlfriend's a furry, which i'm completely fine with [you guys have the BEST rave music EVAH!!!!] but man you guys have a lot fo sexual artwork. my girl said like 75% of the artowkr on this one sight was porn. holy crap!! well i guess art is a form of whatever you wanna do. i don't wanna judge.
if i was a furry....i'd be a fox. loves FOXES!!!! i'm such one; cunning, crafty, crazy, I got it all! plus maybe my addiction to Star Fox has something to do with it. or vice versa.

but seriously, i been on DA for a few days and I'm lovin it! such good artowrk! liek i've seen people who say this picture's crappy or this drawing sucks. cna't really say that. everything in art has an imperfection, that's what makes it so great. plus I lvoe when I type in "lung" a bunch of Chinese Dragon artwork pulls up, some really artistic and well drawn traditionally or CGI (which is just amazing) or all cartoony (which is still fun).

well a new character is up: Vellhager! i think i'll start off by drawing my original four drawings: Ganges, Vellhager, Mezu and Rattus. and maybe me in fox-form for my girl. but Rattus, if you knwo DarkValkyrye, she has some artwork of him along with his girl doing......things. but i iz the original creator (but Rattus' girl is DarkValkyrye's). so i'll try and get that up soon.

ok peace out and draw DAMN IT!
                                                                                         - Dark Skulk (aka Rumors of Vapours)
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I realized this....but the one thing I love to doodle are dragons. maybe it's because they're so simplistic and yet complex at the same time? but yeah weird topic huh?persoanl favourite to doodle are Chinese Dragons and either they're very simple or they're VERY complex (like one i drew in the 7th grade of one with a background of Mount Fuji (that has been lost for ages now). But yeah I wanted to say this so it could move into my first drawing which will be of dragons. they will progress as i regain writing strength.
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well...this is it people. I am Rumors of Vapurs, a title inspired by one of my faovurite psytrance bands: Shpongle.
I am a close artist with DarkValkyrye, starting to get back intot he art buisness after a disability period that I'm not gonna go into my first work might be a little rough but it'll rogress as I get back into the swing of things.
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