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Llama: Llamas are awesome! (7)
So with my show "Angels and DINOSAURS and Boobies! Oh My!" finally up, I can update stuff, and I should tell you, there's more to come! I'm also working on a major 'technology change' you could say. My titanium macbook 'Horizon' from 5 years ago pooped out so I put all my data on 'Alexandria' my 500 gig external hard drive. Now my desktop 'Sphere' which is a G4 cube from 8 years ago is dying, so I got a G5 tower from Craig's List. I've decided to name it 'Steel' because it's shiny and silvery and steel is a very strong metal and this computer will be very powerful. My dad also gave me a replace laptop months ago which is a Linux (lie-nucks) l
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Hey Sarah, this is Brandon, April Solomon's partner. I just made my own deviantart page today! Finally, it's been on my to-do list for years. I saw you messaged Ape a while back & I thought I'd say hi

Looks like you've really come a long away with your work!

How do you like Seattle? Hope you've been doing well - all the best

Your artwork is amazing! Teach me to draw girls? :la: I fail at drawing girls lol
I love your anubis comic. has it been published yet?
You do like boobs eh?
Hey, got your deviant link off of
I'm loving your artwork, it's really great.
I like the thighs that you draw on your women/catwomen. I draw nice strong thighs like that when I draw girls too.
Awesome Sarah! You may not have changed in 8 years, but your skill has gotten 8 years worth of better!
Yesterday was awesome.
Keep in touch,