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Welcome to the Secret Candy Store!

Donate every month to our Candy Store,
and we'll show you some wonderful things in return, maybe give a freebie or two for joining us!

What's in our store? Let's find out~!

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Support us on
And learn more about ways you can support us, our rewards, and benefits down below~

Secret Sweet Package

Sign up for our one of our packages and get rewards:
  • Tier 1: $2 - $3 Bite Sized Dessert
  • Tier 2: $10 - $12 Party Dessert
  • Tier 3: $16 - $20 Deluxe Dessert
  • Tier 4: $30 Sticky Dessert (Not Available / Coming Soon )

Please note: 
  • Prices will vary based on donation method due to platform limitations and fees.
  • We will contact you via note/private message (or if through patreon, through email ) at least 3-4 per month if you purchase the Party or Deluxe Package, with a RumCandy VIP note title if you pledge and become our member! It may be more or even daily because we are rather active.
  • This is a one time purchase, and if you'd like to renew and continue you have to donate again.
  • You can buy VIP membership as long as this is available

Some Available Member Benefits

  • Feature on our front page
  • Early Access of our Adopts
  • Access to VIP Only Adopts including CYOP Adopts, Sketch Adopts
  • Maybe Sneak Peek Preview of our Secret Projects 
  • Videos and Streams
  • Art Freebies~!

Tier 1: Bite Sized Dessert 

A small tip ♥
  • Feature on our front page
    • You will be listed as a our VIP member on our front page
  • Access to polls
  • You'll receive our never-ending gratitude and love for you

Tier 2: Party Dessert 

The preview package
  • +Tier 1 Rewards
  • Early Preview of our Adopts
    • You can see our some of our adopts before they hit our gallery. You cannot claim them before they are released.
  • WIP previews
    • We will be showing VIP only adopts, such as CYOP and sketch adopts. However you are unable to claim them.
  • Videos and Streams
    • May request supporter-only stream or general stream

Tier 3: Deluxe Dessert 

The Preclaim Package
  • +Tier 2 Rewards
  • Early Access of our Adopts
    • You can see our some of our adopts before they hit our gallery and preclaim them! You can claim them before they are released.
  • Access to VIP Only Adopts
    • We will be offering CYOP and Sketch Adopts to our premium members from time to time. If unsold, these will be finished and posted and put up for sale.


Some Package Rewards are not offered unless we have reached a monthly goal, and will be done monthly if we consistently reach this goal~~!

Due to patreon guidelines, we will be removing details of raffle giveaway goals. Although our giveaways are technically not patreon-only, we will still host events as we have been doing and still may have these in future but don't want to get in trouble with patreon for just listing these.

Here are goal events we will possibly offer:
  • Sticker giveaway
  • Print giveaway
  • Adopt or Chibi Headshot Giveaway 
  • Colored Chibi Commission Giveaway 
  • Fullbody Commission Giveaway

Donation Methods

 Cat icon: PayPalPayPal (2007-2014) Icon mid Paypal 

Please donate to this PayPal (2014) Icon ultraminilink
  • Write in the note description your username and Sweets Package you'd like to order with your email
  • Exclamation You can donate a one time donation or donate monthly!

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cat icon: Patreon Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon Patreon

If you have a patreon account, consider support us on our patreon page  .:Bullet:. Patreon rumcandy
  • Patreon payment always sent at beginning of following month ^^ 
  • However new patrons pay upfront on the day they pledge

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DeviantARt Logo Button icon :points: Deviantart Points 

If you want to donate using points, please go pay through our point widget listed on our front page under Commissions~!
  • We use a $1USD = 100 point conversion ratio

:new: You can now click the following links directed to donate points
Pastel Pink Candy Bullet by Planet-SpatulonBite Sized Dessert
Pastel Purple Candy Bullet by Planet-SpatulonParty Dessert
Pastel Blue Candy Bullet by Planet-SpatulonDeluxe Dessert

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Ko-fi Logo button icon  Ko-fi

Please donate toKo-fi (2017) Icon minithis kofi link.

Exclamation Please donate to the membership tier you'd like
 (membership tier takes fees so we adjust for it, so if you want to avoid fees please donate via PayPal (2014) Icon ultraminipaypal method or the second ko-fi one time donation method )
  • Tier 1: $3 Bite Sized Dessert [Link]
  • Tier 2: $11 Party Dessert [Link]
  • Tier 3: $17  Deluxe Dessert [Link]

OR [one time donation] Write in the note description your username and Sweets Package you'd like to order with your email. (this method does not take fees)
  • 1 Cup = $2 USD
    • 1 Cup = Bite Sized Dessert
    • 5 Cups = Party Dessert
    • 8 Cups = Deluxe Dessert
    • 15 Cups = Sticky Dessert
 Exclamation  Ko-fi does use paypal, so we prefer paypal over ko-fi, as ko-fi does take fees in certain aspects.

Example of filling out can be found HERE 

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FurAffinity Logo Button Icon Furaffinity Shinies

Donate a shiny near the bottom of our front page on FurAffinity Furaffinity
& don't forget to input your username & dessert package you'd like in the message section.
  • 1 Shiny = Bite Sized Dessert
  • 2 Shinies = Party Dessert
  • 4 Shinies = Deluxe Dessert
  • 6 Shinies = Sticky Dessert
Exclamation Please note shinies can only be sent in increments of $5.
  • And uses paypal, so we prefer you use the paypal link above instead as you can also donate monthly using subscription method
Example of filling out can be found HERE

Rumcandy Donation Fashinysection by RumCandyAdopt

Don't forget to Comment

Once donating please comment in this journal or send us a note, so we can start your month's membership. 

Things like messages get buried pretty easily as we have a lot so sending us a message would help us not miss your donation~


Can I donate with points?
  • Yes you can!
    However only while our RumCandy account has core membership (We may not accept points in future as dA has limited point withdrawals to core members only & our core will run out in the future)
  • Please donate with our point widget though, as points donated through gift or donation pool are not acceptable!

Can I donate using credit/debit card?
  • Probably! Please send us a note first!

Why are we having a DA Donation System?
  • Because many of our buyers purchase our adopts with points, we would like them to still access this shop
  • We do have a lot of adopts piled up, and we hope buyers take the opportunity to budget more easily by seeing previews.
  • Also we hope this helps adopt buyers in different timezones get a chance to snatch an adopt when they are more available
  • We decided to keep this feature on DA, as it is difficult to manage multiple sites ;; 
  • Many are unfamiliar with patreon or anything offsite, so we feel it's best for us to host this here.
  • We'd rather our donators donate to us knowing it'll go directly to us
  • And a lot of you guys voted we should have one so we are!

Will you offer MYO's or a higher priced tier for monthly commissions or other rewards?

  • Maybe, let's just try this for now. 
  • We don't want to be burned out, as we are pretty active, and it's pretty hard to keep up

How early is the early preview/access for adopts?
  • Some adopts may be only a few hours early, 6-10 hours early or may be even a week early.

For the giveaways, does every VIP member get a freebie?
  • No, since each month we'd like at most to give one freebie based on each goal reached, which can be a lot to do within a month
  • But we may give our VIPs free requests from time to time. 
  • We do have a tendency to shower VIPs with gifts if they donate more than the prices the packages have listed

Are there discounts if joining the Candy Store membership?
  • Yes, though rather than offering by percentage, we will auto-calculate this in the early access preview of our adopts

Could I get a refund?
  • We're sorry we don't do refunds especially since this a donation

Is there any way else I can support you guys?
You can support us by commissioning art from us~
2017 Custom Adopt (CLOSED)Home . Gallery . Customs . Commissions . FAQ . Trade Center . Species
Bear Emoji-35 (Shocked Exclamation) [V2]   In case journal is not viewable, click here for google doc version.
If interested in purchasing a custom
2018 Commissions (CLOSED)By ordering you agree to follow our terms when buying our goods and services.
The prices listed below are for non-commercial use only.Please check front page of to-do list to see how many commissions we're working on though as we do custom orders as well.
 Exclamation July 2018 Update: We finally finished our to-do list, it has been 2 years since we opened commissions. We're only offering chibi headshots as this was most requested and most feasible. Prices has been raised since they need an update.
Also our individual commissions are open.

Interested in getting some art work of one of your characters ?
Then why not buy some of our art by commissioning us?


VIP Members

  • Username ♥ Sweets Package ♥ End of Membership
  • 50flame ♥ Bite Sized Dessert ♥  September 15 2021 :paypal: 
  • FusselTheKeks ♥ Bite Sized Dessert ♥  September 14 2021 .:Bullet:. Patreon
  • ad-referendum ♥ Deluxe Sized Dessert ♥  September   5 2021.:Bullet:. Patreon
  • SCCRLM2 ♥ Bite Sized Dessert ♥ October 1 2021  PayPal (2014) Icon ultramini 
  • Cryostorm15 ♥ Bite Sized Dessert ♥  September  10 2021 .:Bullet:. Patreon
  • YakumoSoulQueen ♥ Bite Sized Dessert ♥  September  21 2021 .:Bullet:. Patreon
  • Silveraltomare ♥ Bite Dessert ♥   September 18 2021 .:Bullet:. Patreon
  • Tenci/ Rahlano ♥ Deluxe Dessert ♥ October 26 2021 .:Bullet:. Patreon
  • Frustratedcartoons23 ♥ Bite Sized Dessert ♥ Sept 8 2021 .:Bullet:. Patreon
  • Twinkiesama ♥ Bite Sized Dessert ♥ Sept 24 2021 Ko-fi (2017) Icon mini

is permanently blacklisted for not only pay within payment period but also bypassing our TOS using alternative account & pledging to us on RumCandy despite the blacklisting

Candy Store Inventory

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Bear Emoji-35 (Shocked Exclamation) [V2] Exclamation 8/5/2021 Update:

Our Ko-fi now has membership tiers available due to the new added site feature!

You can now donate to the membership tier you'd like (membership tier takes fees , so if you prefer no fee we recommend using paypal method or one-time ko-fi donation method )

  • Tier 1: $3 Bite Sized Dessert [Link]

  • Tier 2: $11 Party Dessert [Link]

  • Tier 3: $17 Deluxe Dessert [Link]

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Attention orange Exclamation Bear Emoji-35 (Shocked Exclamation) [V2] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Exclamation mark Cloud - exclamation mark - F2U 1/17/2021 Update:

We now are able to set ko-fi amounts due to new feature of setting currencies.

Since there are no longer restrictions/limitation on the ko-fi amount, we have reverted the $3 per ko-fi back to the $2 per ko-fi

Also we have updated the journal information to reflect this update

RumCandyAdopt's avatar

Bubble - Exclamation Mark - F2U! We finally were able to access our old ko-fi account

We will not be using our old kofi though becausewe created a new one while we couldn't access it.

Please send ko-fi's to here

Note for self: Added in mayo's missing kofi (apparently it was sent on the 26th not on christmas eve according to kofi account lol)

Cherndog's avatar

I bet this will get sweet lovers salivating for cuteness...

ArtCat4's avatar
this is a great idea.
AskShadowRiolu's avatar
I would support it...but the last time I had candy, I had too much and got a serious tummy ache. Sorry!
SCCRLM2's avatar
Hm.. I have a question about the ko-fi.
Is it still active on that?
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Ko-fi still is available since we used that initially, but sadly donator cannot choose specific amount they'd like to donate.

But we honestly haven't been keeping track of it since they changed the cup prices. >.<"
SCCRLM2's avatar
Ah okay. Yeah I did notice the cups price as well a few days ago. I kind of sent both on different days (one for ko-fi) and the other one via paypal today. Both for the Bite Size. xD
For the ko-fi I may have made an error of notifying which package until now that I took a peek at my message. x3
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Ahh let me go check it out!
It's really strange though I usually get a paypal notification when I get ko-fi's but maybe because it's christmas they were on break

Hopefully I can figure out how to log in (didn't make a ko-fi with a log in so I'm just ??? since looks like they updated lol )

And thank you so much for the ko-fiiii and for the support :iconsupertighthugplz: 

Happy new years to you though, we hope you have a fun new years
SCCRLM2's avatar
Happy New Years to you guys as well! * ^*/
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Ohhh I found your christmas ko-fi in my paypal! Strangely I don't see the Christmas Eve ko-fi, so yeah I sent in a ticket to Ko-fi hopefully can figure things out!!

And asdlfjsl;dfj thank you for another donation mayo Bunny Emoji-91 Spin Hug 
SCCRLM2's avatar
You're welcome! rub cheekies by RubCheeksPlz 
CartoonyFan221's avatar
Are these real desserts?
xXSamCrossXx's avatar
😱 I’m soooooo sorry!! I didn’t even realise that I was that overdue!! I thought my payments still were going thru...
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Thank you for getting back to us despite it being so long. ;u;

We had to block you on patreon as patron kept saying you were pledged to us despite overdue pledges and we didn't want to mislead our other patrons as those pledges counted to our monthly goals.

We have removed the block and will remove you from our blacklist as it looks like there isn't any more overdue pledges
xXSamCrossXx's avatar
I’m still sooooo sorry!! It’s alright I understand why you did that! T^T

How do I pay my late pledges?
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Checking patreon it says that your late pledge in November got processed. So I think we're good on that month.

But strangely your pledge in December is not listed though it states we're missing a pledge from a patron which should be you. 
Since I can't find where we can go fix that, I'll just have you send us a ko-fi (please put the username in the note so we know it's you)

 I think is better than having you sending it through ko-fi over patreon as patreon is implementing a fee on pledges soon so :/
xXSamCrossXx's avatar
Ok I sent thru my payment :3
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Thank you!
I have received it
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