2018 Commissions (CLOSED)

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By ordering you agree to follow our terms when buying our goods and services.
The prices listed below are for non-commercial use only.
Please check front page of to-do list to see how many commissions we're working on though as we do custom orders as well.

 Exclamation July 2018 Update: We finally finished our to-do list, it has been 2 years since we opened commissions. We're only offering chibi headshots as this was most requested and most feasible. Prices has been raised since they need an update.

Also our individual commissions are open.
  2017 Commissions + Customs (CLOSED)
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RumCandyAdopt collab customs/commissions are currently closed. You can waitlist for a collab custom but please check with the adopt account.
PayPal bullet and :points:  accepted, however Paypal is preferred. ($1 USD = 100 points Pink Points )
 I can accept some credit/debit card payments as long as you are able to send payment to paypal.
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     Mascot 006 by RumCandyAdopt

Interested in getting some art work of one of your characters ?
Then why not buy some of our art by commissioning us?

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PayPal bullet and :points:  accepted, however Paypal is preferred
($1 USD = 100 points Pink Points )
 We also accept card payment.

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara When posting purchased work, please credit us to appropriate social media sites: 
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Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara the following are base prices; additional may be charged depending on complexity and order, or else we assume simplification is allowed.

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara We will charge extra for background, monsters/pet/creatures, etc

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara This is a collaboration , so 2 artists must coordinate to work together and so orders take much longer to finish. We will let you know time estimate once order accepted.

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara We may also ask for payment to be split between artists.

C: Norn9's Koharu by RumCandyAdopt  C: Ryota Inuyama Chibi Headshot + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Nia Yumiya + Video by RumCandyAdopt   Glacies Speedpaint by RumCandyAdopt 

Chibi Headshot 

 * 1 Colored Chibi Headshot = $26 / 2600 points Pink Points



How to Order

Please send a note or comment on this journal with this form. 
Please repeat if you want more than one and be specific as you can with your order.


-  Type of Art : ( art order you want )
-  Character's Name : ( the character's name)
-  Brief Personality : ( describe the character personality)
-  Reference(s) : (include at least one full body reference please )
-  Extra info : (Pose, expressions, background, but we might alter it a bit to fit the mood, we will note you if we do change it and what is stated here may require additional fees)
Who did the original design? (yourself \ was adopted \ from game or anime\ etc)
Offer : ( What you willing to pay to get the commission )
Payment Method: ( Paypal \ Points \ Card )
-  Do you agree with our tos ?   


One form order = 1 slot

 * Regular Slots (Unlimited)
1.  open
2. open
3. open

 * Bribe Slots (Unlimited)
  • Bribe slot get highest priority, typically the most complex and large order will need bribe..
  • They will be finished as soon as possible, thus those would like us to meet a specific deadline should consider getting bribe slot.

 * Wait list (CLOSED) 
  • We will not do wait list, since we want to deliver art to commissioner fast.

Past Commissions

Can be found in this folder!



- Mostly anything in human shape
( Fanart, OCs, Kemonomimi )

- Animals (extra small animal is okay though )
- Mecha/building
- Nude, echi or sexual explicit
- Yuri , yaoi ( soft yuri or yaoi is fine )

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rambobrosreloadit's avatar

Are commissions open? Or closed?

RumCandyAdopt's avatar

Hey Rambo! They are closed at the time being. If you’d like us to let you know when we’re reopen for commissions, we can notify you in future though if you’d like ^^

rambobrosreloadit's avatar

please do. Because i saw you had outfits themed on animals. But no rabbits yet. I need a dress themed on that

RumCandyAdopt's avatar

Ah so for a custom outfit! ok then will let you know in future then~!

Ohhh we actually have rabbit theme outfits but i am not sure if you missed them since it's true it's been a while since we made any new ones with that theme.

Here are two I found though (not too sure if they are others in our gallery since eclipse doesn't show all of the results when we search nowadays )

rambobrosreloadit's avatar

Thanks for these :) . Just need to see if it will work.

Arch-Guardian-Angel's avatar
Type of Art : Chibi Headshot
-  Character's Name : Chieftain Ayiana
-  Brief Personality : Warrior, Motherly, Strong, 
-  Reference(s) : toyhou.se/961253.tribal-chieft…
-  Extra info : No extra info here except she is a Closed Species by @/Crystalomic 
Who did the original design? MYO slot was commissioned/designed by @/Kujjles  - Character belongs to me Arch-Guardian-Angel though :) (Smile)
Offer : 26USD as stated up the top
Payment Method: Paypal
-  Do you agree with our tos   Sure Do!

Mela has gotten a design upgrade <3 so I'd like to order another one ^_^ of her if thats okay <3

Type of Art : Chibi Headshot
-  Character's Name : Mela
-  Brief Personality: Stern • Blunt • Grumpy
-  Reference(s) : toyhou.se/1617260.mela/1683579… // toyhou.se/1617260.mela#1076960…
-  Extra info : No extra info here except she is a Closed Species by @/Crystalomic 
Who did the original design? Adopted from @/Crystalomic - Character belongs to me Arch-Guardian-Angel though :) (Smile)
Offer : 26USD as stated up the top
Payment Method: Paypal
-  Do you agree with our tos   Sure Do!
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Ohhh hi again~~~!

We'd be glad to draw Mela again and draw Chieftain too!!!! And glad to accept your order~

Please send payment here www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…
I shall add you to our to-do list once payment sent~

For an estimate of when we'd be able to finish the order, I think we'll be done roughly 2 months in case holidays get busy. >.<" Hopefully earlier though~ 
Arch-Guardian-Angel's avatar
hehe yes its me again XD

It's actually Ayiane is her name, Chieftain is her title within her tribe x3
ahh awesome ; w ; 

all paid ; w ; thank you so much ; w ; and thats okay <3 like I said before
I usually give artists 4 months to complete their commission <33

P.S: I am on my computer and it wouldn't let me change to no address at all
I think Paypal is forcing all buyers putting their address unless using paypal.me 
paypal.me is the only link that allows users to click no address.
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Ahh ok~~!

Thank you I have received payment! And have added you to our list~
And not to worry about the shipping address, I have to mark all payments as "order processed" to let paypal know there is no shipping; you should get an email about that~ 
Arch-Guardian-Angel's avatar
- Type of Art : Chibi Headshot
-  Character's Name : Mela
-  Brief Personality : Stern • Blunt • Reserved
-  Reference(s) : toyhou.se/1617260.mela?key=J6v…
-  Extra info : No extra info here except she is a CS by @/Crystalomic 
Who did the original design? Adopted from @/Crystalomic - Character belongs to me though :)
Offer : 28USD as stated up the top
Payment Method: Paypal
-  Do you agree with our tos   Sure Do!
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Ahh thank you for the commission and for being patient with us!
Mela is so sparkly *p* We will gladly accept this order~

Please send payment here  www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…

I shall add you to our to-do list once payment is confirmed~

To give a heads-up on a rough estimate of when we will finish your order, we are hoping to get back to you in 1 month.
Though we have some orders on our to-do list at the moment so it might take longer than this if things don't go as planned, but I shall let you know if there's a delay in this estimate~
Arch-Guardian-Angel's avatar
Of course <3 timezones are put in a factor here haha xD
haha yes the closed species is VERY sparkling! ; w ; I love my sparkling Pakkeli ;  w ;

Yep thats perfectly okay I usually give artists 4months alloted time to finish the commission
unless updated then I can give an artist longer :)

just a slight error in the description the Headshot is for my character XD
Paymentproof not Valeria XD =P
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Thank you!!!! I have received payment~ 

And you're very patient ;u;
Hopefully it will not take 4 months since we'd hate to make you wait that long.

Ahh my bad on the description, I shall take note to fix that next time since paypal doesn't have an edit button on transactions, but thank you for letting me know!

I have added you to our to do list~~!!
Arch-Guardian-Angel's avatar
Haha yeah some people have told me I have the patience of a saint xP
but that's perfectly okay <33

nah nah thats okay <33 just thought I mention it XD and no problem ; w ;
I cannot wait to see the headshot ; w ; you guys have such beautiful style together ; w ;
I was excited to see I could commission you guys haha <333
Dynamism-Online's avatar

I'm kind of confused about what personal use and non-commercial mean.

Pretty much, if I wanted to commission you for art to use in my YouTube channel, specifically thumbnail, what would that fall under?
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Basically we don't allow commercial use
such as selling merchandise with our work, using our art in a game, or using our work as a logo/advertisement for your business.......... meaning if you plan to make money off of something, and our work is involved then it is commercial use.
(I think this page is helpful www.neferchichi.com/use.html)

So if you plan to make money off your youtube videos and it contains our art, then that falls under commercial use. (I don't know about channel art because if your youtube channel is a business then probably it's still be commercial use since it'd be considered advertisement)

If you'd like to use our art commercially, that must be discussed with us as our TOS only allows commercial use, and all prices we list here only fall under this personal use only TOS.
Dynamism-Online's avatar
Okay, I think I understand.

What if I commission something for use in my YouTube but have no intention of monetizing my channel or the videos? Would that fall under personal use?
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
hmmmm I think I already answered the question pretty much~
Unless monetizing means something other than commercial? (commercial use means making a profit; monetizing from what I remember is getting money from your video and channel ) 

So you're not making money using our work you'd commission us to do, then we are all good~

So to elaborate further,  (copying from our TOS since it is straight forward  FAQ, TOS + PaymentHome . Gallery . Customs . Commissions . FAQ . Trade Center . Species
For reasons, we have to put up a very specific TOS to be transparent to our buyers and customers.
If you are just looking for how to send us payment or money, please scroll down to the bottom~

General Information
This is a Collab Adoptable

Once you've received your completed commission, you may...
  • display publicly in a personal gallery or website layout
  • crop for personal use in an icon or banner or website
  • use for non-commercial purposes (personal use)
  • display in a character reference (and overlay text for such purposes, if necessary)
We had commissioners tell us they use our art in their youtube channel, but their channel did not make money and was for non-commercial use.

(But I do see why you are asking about personal use, some people consider using their work online as non-personal use. But we intended it to mean personal use falls under non-commercial purposes because the term is a bit unfamiliar to people ^^

Edit: Also Personal Use is basically the commissioner being able to use the work for their intended non-commercial purposes (which includes private use such as making poster at home; using for your wallpaper). 

So if someone like outsider who did not get permission from the artist and/or commissioner to use the work (let's say like they just repost the art online without permission), the commissioner has the right to take down the 3rd party repost since commissioner have ownership...

Ok wow that got technical lol)
Dynamism-Online's avatar
Indeed it did but I think I got the general idea.

Thank you for the elaborate explanation.
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
Glad I could clear that up for you~
But thank you for asking. We do get this question occasionally but people ask via note as it's sort of case by case basis, so hopefully others might get help from this too~
PamelaPalmy's avatar
why you don't open full body?
RumCandyAdopt's avatar
It's considered under our illustration section, and you'd have to offer a price if you'd want one.. And we don't like doing fullbody commissions so it's not listed with a regular price ;; (also our fullbody prices scare people a lot so rather just leave it as is)
IcarusTheVaccinator's avatar
I want to commission you!

Type of art: coloured chibi
Name of character: Shiraketa Kitsune
Personality: Tends to be unamused at nearly everything. Always looks like a grump.

References: gypthemonsteraj.deviantart.com… ( I tried. ;v; )

Extra info: 

Expression: Looking unamused but smiling, like a smirk. The direction of the eyes point at the user. ( The person currently looking at the screen. ) 

Pose: Something like this? gypthemonsteraj.deviantart.com…
Holding his hand out towards the user, that would be nice~

Offer: 1900 points.

Payment method: Points.

Is this acceptable? 
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