Commissions + Customs 2016 (CLOSED)

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By RumbyFishy
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RumCandy Patreon by RumCandyAdopt
Support me on Patreon .:Bullet:. Patreon

PayPal bullet and :points:  accepted, however Paypal is preferred
($1 USD = 100 points Pink Points )
:new: I can accept some credit/debit card payments.

Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara Please follow rules before ordering
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara the following are base prices; additional may be charged depending on complexity and order, or else it is assumed simplification is allowed.
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara will charge extra for background, monsters/pet/creatures/weapons, etc
Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara customs are typically higher than listed commission prices

cherry blossom Cookie Chibi cherry blossom 

$12USD or 1200points per character
Alterblast: Coralia Cookie Chibi + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy  Lady's Kitty by RumbyFishy  Momoko Chibi by RumbyFishy 

cherry blossom Normal Chibi cherry blossom 

$22USD or 2200 points per character
  Salaryman Sodis + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy   C: Caring Cutie + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy  Alterblast: Cutie Coralia + Video by RumbyFishy  C: Chibi Kalon by RumbyFishy Elegant Starry Sheep Chibi Custom + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy  C: Fire Demon by RumbyFishy  Chibi Diane by RumbyFishy  Wingu Cherice + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy  Chibi Angel Enji + Video by RumbyFishy  Chibi Pokemon Trainer Hitomi by RumbyFishy  Alterblast SS 2k15 Angelic Archer by RumbyFishy  Little Cherub Angel by RumbyFishy  Happy 2k16 Birthday Sri + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy 

cherry blossom Colored Headshot cherry blossom 

$15USD or 1500 points per character
    Lydia by RumbyFishy  Sabrina Headshot by RumbyFishy 

cherry blossom Colored Waistup cherry blossom 

$30 USD or 3000 points per character

cherry blossom Colored Fullbody cherry blossom 

$45 or 4500 points per character
C: Elemental Fairy + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy  C: SMITE Leona JPF Nemesis's Arrival + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy   Pokemon Trainer Hitomi by RumbyFishy  Enji Angel of Roses + Video by RumbyFishy
Dance of the Sea + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy Xyndia by RumbyFishy

cherry blossom Illustration cherry blossom

You can always ask me to draw something that is not listed, but it will depend on what you want and the offer!

Ethernitas Heart Gift Day by RumbyFishy  CL - I'll be back soon... I promise... by RumbyFishy  AB - Crashing Tides PDF by RumbyFishy  CL - Dark and Stormy Night by RumbyFishy  VT - NiD The Fading Nightmare by RumbyFishy 

cherry blossom Customs cherry blossom 

Please just send me a note of what you'd like, and I will quote you a price. 
For an estimate of what I may quote you, please refer to the collab custom journal listed below.
Custom Info 
I am able to do the following customs: 
Chibi Custom, Cloth Customs, Weapon Customs, Item Customs, Fullbody Customs
Elegant Starry Sheep Chibi Custom + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy  C: Fire Demon by RumbyFishy 

cherry blossom Preferences cherry blossom 


- Mostly anything in human shape
( Fanart, OCs, Kemonomimi, RL people ** requires a bit extra, etc )

- Animals (extra small animal is okay though )
- Mecha/building
- Nude, echi or sexual explicit
- Yuri , yaoi ( soft yuri or yaoi is fine )

You can order art from me commenting here or sending me a DA Note. By ordering art from me, you abide to my rules.
Please put in the comment section details about your commission order (If you like separate art please repeat form, 1 form per art):
  • Type of Commission: Please list the style you'd like 
  • Refs: Please put image references, at least 1 fullbody of character. (If for custom, leave blank or offer reference images/text)
  • Details: Personality/Expression? How many characters do you like drawn? 
  • Price/Offer: Please put down an offer with payment method of either Points or Paypal. USD preferred. $1=100 points Points .  


(Current Commission Orders I'm working on are listed on my front page)

Past Commission Orders

Can be found here

C: Caring Cutie + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy C: Elemental Fairy + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy  C: SMITE Leona JPF Nemesis's Arrival + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy Sword Dancer Mesmer + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy Eternelle Commission by RumbyFishy   Alterblast: Cutie Coralia + Video by RumbyFishy Alterblast: Coralia Cookie Chibi + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy Salaryman Sodis + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy     GW2 COM Friends by RumbyFishy COM Chibi Aadrika + Speedpaint by RumbyFishy Eternal Anthology - Eternal Slumber COM by RumbyFishy Celeste Sketch Commission by RumbyFishy   COM - Sara by RumbyFishy   DP Commissions - Katnip and Kitten by RumbyFishy Mascot Sketch Pose Commission by RumbyFishyalchemistlife Pixel Commission by RumbyFishyasstlevania Pixel COM 1 by RumbyFishyasstlevania Pixel COM 2 by RumbyFishyMindbreak Pixel COM 1 by RumbyFishyMindBreak Pixel COM 2 by RumbyFishyHoukito Pixel COM 1 by RumbyFishyHoukito Pixel COM 2 by RumbyFishyHoukito Pixel COM 3 by RumbyFishyHoukito Pixel Com 4 by RumbyFishyPixel Icon yurimilk by RumbyFishyC: GW2 Mesmer Pixel by RumbyFishy

Open Collab Commissions/Customs

I do collab commissions with :iconanissecandy: on :iconrumcandyadopt: ! Check us out~!
Commission InfoCustom Info
2018 Commissions (CLOSED)By ordering you agree to follow our terms when buying our goods and services.
The prices listed below are for non-commercial use only.Please check front page of to-do list to see how many commissions we're working on though as we do custom orders as well.
 Exclamation July 2018 Update: We finally finished our to-do list, it has been 2 years since we opened commissions. We're only offering chibi headshots as this was most requested and most feasible. Prices has been raised since they need an update.
Also our individual commissions are open.

Interested in getting some art work of one of your characters ?
Then why not buy some of our art by commissioning us?

2017 Custom Adopt (CLOSED)Home . Gallery . Customs . Commissions . FAQ . Trade Center . Species
Bear Emoji-35 (Shocked Exclamation) [V2]   In case journal is not viewable, click here for google doc version.
If interested in purchasing a custom

Past Collab Commission/Custom Orders

Also here are some finished commissions. Thank you for commissioning us~!

C: Ryota Inuyama Chibi Headshot + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: King of Two Worlds + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Ophelia + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Cupcake Rockstar + Speedpaint by RumCandyAdopt C: Iridesia + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Keira's Oriental Outfit by RumCandyAdopt  C: HiroxErica + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Mymymy Cheeb by RumCandyAdopt  Egyptian Dancer + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Oriental Sunset Kitsune + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Stars! Heavenly, Mythical Angel~ + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Fantasy Keira + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Harvest Rose Marionette Twins + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Heirloom Adopt Shadow Priest + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Feathery Guardian Warriors + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Dark Elven Lord + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Assassin of the Red Moon + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Red Moon Assassins + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Mmm Magical Tea Time! + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Siberian Kitty + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Enzah + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Norn9's Koharu by RumCandyAdopt  C: HiroxErica + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Orange Cream Wingupuff + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Aphrodite of Love Wingupuff + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Mont Blanc Wingupuff + video by RumCandyAdopt  Floral Elegance Wingubaby + Video by RumCandyAdopt  C: Purit Blue Sky Wingupuff by RumCandyAdopt  White Chocolate Peppermint Wingupuff + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Siberian Kitty + Video by RumCandyAdopt  Heirloom Sunshine Wand + Video by RumCandyAdopt 

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SydneyRain's avatar
Do you know when you will be open again?
RumbyFishy's avatar
Thank you for asking and for the interest, they'll probably open after I update prices and when I feel I'm up to it. (tbh I almost forgot about commissions I closed them for so long lol)

If you'd like I can notify you to let you know when I'm open though.
SydneyRain's avatar
If it was still open, can you draw MLP?
RumbyFishy's avatar
I'll generally say yes, but I don't have a proper pricing or examples for MLP lol
since I only drew mlp twice but it was for a human form for them which might not be what you're be looking for.

If you're interested in just mlp as ponies from me they probably look similar to how I draw criselle…
They'd be probably priced around the similar pricing as the chibis as I do sell these around $15-25+ range and the price would depend on your MLP design
Oh, thanks. But I don't have enough points.
RumbyFishy's avatar
come back when you do and when I'm open then? lol
Jamster93's avatar
Type of Commission: Coloured Fullbody
Price: PayPal
RumbyFishy's avatar
ty! sent u a note c;
toteczious's avatar
Hey... Can I ask for some chibi in points?
RumbyFishy's avatar
Please fill out the form for me so I know which chibi you'd like, and yes~~ I can definitely accept orders with points :>
phoenix509's avatar
*bribes you with smut and pinups* //NO
RumbyFishy's avatar
:iconlaughsplz: lol amg phoe~!
since we friends i'm totally ok if we do AT if u wanna //stares at smut and pinups-- i want :iconzoominplz:
phoenix509's avatar
I'm up for one if you have time xD
and I totally have a st.ash folder full of smut and pinups if you want to see |D most aren't finished though
AnisseCandy's avatar
pin ups... :iconparhideplz: -- yes please \\ wild ani appear  \\ kickkeddd
phoenix509's avatar
//gives you one// Beach Girl  //thinks a minute and gives more// ||D
NSFW on a couple
RumbyFishy's avatar
Hmm has a list to do on my adopt account, but i want couple art-- so maybe a chibi couple art trade? lol how to figure out AT's >.<"

and pfffft we cannot show that stash, to protect the innocent eyes here on DA //hides it
phoenix509's avatar
A chibi couple AT would be great~
All you gotta do is choose from your many OTPs- //shot

Now that I think about it, what exactly do I have in that stash... //goes to look// Oh wow, yeah. Definitely should protect those innocent eyes |D
RumbyFishy's avatar
Pffft ikr so many couples....... 
Phoe can pick which one to draw… :iconlaughsplz:
you can throw me which couple u like tho if u can decide or let me choose //kicked
phoenix509's avatar
So I'm kinda feeling Gilsavha and Avatakis >.> They're pretty af |D
You're totally welcome to choose who you want though xD

Uhhhhhh Lemme find them all to link you because I have a good amount xD
TantharaIalowe (of course)DronicaLA, there's Genkket but I don't seem to have anything of them... ^^;
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