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Nobody collab customs/commissions are currently closed. You can waitlist for a collab custom but please check with the adopt account.

 and   accepted, however Paypal is preferred. ($1 USD = 100 points  )
 I can accept some credit/debit card payments as long as you are able to send payment to paypal.

 Please follow rules and FAQ, TOS + Payment before ordering
 the following are base prices; additional may be charged depending on complexity and order, or else it is assumed simplification is allowed.
 will charge extra for background, monsters/pet/creatures/weapons, etc
 customs are typically higher than listed commission prices, and will follow rules listed on custom journal
 Orders are not priority. If buyer wants priority, you'll have to pay a rush fee. 


 20% off for Accent Style or Manga Toned

 25% off for Monochrome Shaded 

   50% off for Lineart only


The following are listed prices for colored works.

 Chibi Headshot 

$15USD or 1500points per character

 Starry Chibi  

$17USD or 1700points per character


 Cookie Chibi  

$19USD or 1900points per character

 Normal Chibi  

$25USD or 2500 points per character


 Colored Headshot  

$20USD or 2000 points per character

 Colored Halfbody  

$45 USD or 4500 points per character

 Colored Fullbody  

$60-80+ per character


You can always ask me to draw something that is not listed, but it will depend on what you want and the offer you give!  (Such as a comic, pixels, or painted style art)




Please just send me a note of what you're interested in, and I will quote you a price. 

For an estimate of what I may quote you, please refer to the custom journal listed below.
Custom Info 

I am able to do the following customs: 
Chibi Custom, Cloth Customs, Fullbody Customs



- Mostly anything in human shape
( Fanart, OCs, Kemonomimi, RL people ** requires a bit extra, etc )

- Animals (extra small animal is okay though )
- Mecha/building
- Nude, echii or sexual explicit
- Yuri , yaoi ( soft yuri or yaoi is fine )

You can order art from me commenting here or sending me a DA Note. By ordering art from me, you abide to my rules and FAQ, TOS + Payment 
Please put in the comment section details about your commission order (If you like separate art please repeat form, 1 form per art):
  • Type of Commission: Please list the style you'd like 
  • Refs: Please put image references, at least 1 fullbody of character is preferred. 
  • Extra Details: Personality/Expression? How many characters do you like drawn? Designer?
  • Price/Offer: Please put down an offer with payment method of either Points or Paypal. USD preferred. $1=100 points Points .   
    Do not use this form for customs and refer to custom journal listed above for form thank you!


(Current Commission Orders I'm working on are listed on my front page)

Past Commission Orders

Can be found here

 Collab Commissions/Customs -  

I do collab commissions with  on  ! Check us out~!
Commission InfoCustom Info

Past Collab Commission/Custom Orders

Also here are some finished commissions.

Thank you for commissioning us~!

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Hi Rumby! I just have a question for the General.
Is there a certain price for the pair for either Accent Style or Manga Toned Style?
Or does it vary on the price negotiation?