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Group Info

Group Info
Rumble Girls is a group centered around Women who can fight. Females from animes, games, movies, if they can fight or even they couldn't and just like posing in boxing gloves, with swords, guns, or to make it simple, cosplay. Even if it's just cosplay that's ok too. Female fighters is the theme of Rumble Girls.


-Comic Book Female Fighters (DC, Marvel, or any other comic book industry)
-Anime/Manga Female Fighters( As long as they are 20 and over)
-Women that fight using Swords
-Women that fight using Guns
-Women that fight using Lightsabers/Any weapon for that matter.
-Women that use Magic to fight
-Women that use Telekinesis or the like
-Boxing Women
-Jedi or Sith
-Martial Arts
-Cosplays of Women Fighters
Adventure, get the point.
-Fanfiction or Literature with OC's of any combat sport(Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Wrestling, etc.) As long as the written material stays within the rules.(Example: Underage girls, referring to females as B's, etc.) Also the less profanity the better.
-Quality Artwork. From Decent to Excellent. This group is a Quality over Quantity group. So if your Artwork is declined, it's not always because of a rule you've broken.
-Mixed Fighting (Woman Wins)
-Human Women Only (I have to add this too since people want to be jerks)

What is NOT accepted:

-Anthro of any kind or Aliens (Xenomorphs, any kind of alien or creature.)

-People with four eyes, legs and arms or any number. Two arms and two legs is sufficient enough. Basically not human.

-Mixed Fighting (Male Wins)

-Do not post anything extreme. Like Fem Vs. Fem sexfights, (or any kind of sexfights.) Blood and eyes coming out your head, excessive blood out the mouth, stuff like that. I know fighters get injured but that's overdoing it, and I don't want to visit the group page every now and then to throw up.

-Please, No works of Girls under 20 years of age.

-No Age Boosting. For example, You submit a pic of let's say, Katara from Avatar:The Last Airbender, which is 12 years old, but you gave her "curves" and boost her age to 20. Unh unh. That won't fly. Beings that the original creators established her age already, and just the fact of me knowing how old Katara is originally, I won't accept it.

- No Nude pics. I want to keep this a nude free group. This group's theme is "Female Fighters" if you like that, then join or watch. If you want more nudity, go somewhere else.

-No Sex pics. I mean sexaul acts or intercourse please. This is not a porn group.

-No Domination Fetish-like pics.

-No Jello Girls (Alpha-152 is a prime example)…

-No Pictures of Millena from Mortal Kombat as NetherRealm made her more nasty, and disgusting.....eating people heads and intestines...ugh! As a matter of fact, no pictures of people doing disgusting things.

-No Gender Benders

-No ridiculous, 2x-bigger-than-Arnold Schwartznegger, Steroid abusing, Ugly, Muscle Girls. Look, I like women with some muscle definition, definitely. But when they start lookin' like
(Arnold voice)"I'll be back" No man! Just...Noo! There are other groups for that. It will be declined so fast....

But some toned muscle, yes that's acceptable. Just as long as they aren't real huge.

-No pictures using the B word(I'm not going to say it) even if it's in the info, Declined. I hate that word for a reason. It can't be in the info box, the title, nowhere in your fiction, period.

-No Yuri or LBGT pictures or characters please.

-No Chibi pictures

-No Action Figures

-No pictures with the Woman's legs spread open and her Vagina is the center of attention. That's an automatic ban.

-No Femdom or Maledom (Including Humiliation, BDSM, Whipping, etc. nothing implementing those particular fetishes)

Please keep in mind, that some artwork could be declined under certain circumstances. I look at pictures and scan artwork very well. The artwork could be excellent, but if the subtle message in your piece is prejudiced towards any culture, hate art, subtle Anti-feminist logic or even feminist, etc. For example, if you submit a picture and I see Uncle Sam in the background, or a confederate flag, no matter how good of quality the picture is, it will still be declined.

Or a picture of a Woman being cornered by three thugs. Even though nothing hasn't happened yet, the message in that picture still indicates she's going to be beat, mugged, raped, or it could be a subtle message for Anti-feminist. So your artwork could be declined for other reasons.

Also, I use the "3 strike" rule for anyone who breaks any of the rules I have listed above. I give you a strike for each picture that breaks one of my rules. For example, if you submit 3 pictures and all 3 breaks any rule, that right there is 3 strikes1 for each picture, you're gone. However, depending on the situation, I won't use the 3 strike rule, and you'll be kicked out immediately. Please read the rules BEFORE joining.

Yeah that's it for now(until I run across something then I'll update.)
If you have any questions, please note me at
Or note me in the group itself.

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Jan 27, 2017


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This folder is specifically for the best artwork I've encountered.
I just want to let people know now that Masashi Kishimoto (Creator of the animated show "Naruto" ) has officially aged his characters into Adults, I can now accept the characters that were too young to be accepted in this group (Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, etc) Only their "Last" forms will be accepted (Sakura The Last, Hinata The Last, etc) as they are now adults.

I would strongly suggest that people put which of these characters they're using either in the tags or in the description box. That way I wouldn't have to ask, you still have those that still use the much younger version of these particular characters, so please be more discreet when giving people a description of your work. Yeah and that's it for now, thank you to those who have taken the time to read this and take care.
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