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Interactive spanking

Just having fun with Adobe Flash. Animation is not my thing but here is something I can do. And of course programming - you may notice that her ass becomes more and more red and screams sond louder depending on the number of spanks. Maybe later I'll make it more complex.

BTW I did something like that a year before - if you like interactive spanking you may like this too:

Mature Content

Dewmi spanking by rumataestorian

And btw it has a version with enema - look in my tumblr.

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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
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okay I am not expert so those are just my personal opinions:
here's some remarks - I like the sketchiness here....somehow it adds dynamic to the picture more than clean lines, so that's a good thing
anatomy isnt convincing here, but for this cartoon-like image that's perfectly fine. Actually exagerrated body parts draw attention - her super long legs lead eyes to her bottom, his big palm is creating feeling of well deserved hard spanking, not any love taps. There is something of Circe's style, but it is still more like your other work, his style doesn't show much influence on this.
Spankers expression is bit funny, like he is looking somewhere into far distance, in future ....he looks to be dreaming .....but then, spanking such girl is a dream anyway <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> nice sketch
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oh wow sexy that was fun.
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I mad her ass red and scream :D
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Why not make the hand actually spank RIGHT on the asscheeks?
Wait why the fuck am I even playing this
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jump scare game of 2018
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*Grins VERY widely* Reminds ME of that okita sawa [tari tari] app that I found back in 2012❤
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Very nice work!
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love it .!!!
got any more ?
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Have you seen the version with beaver girl?
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That's very funny. You really feel the impact, nice jiggle effect :) Other one is a bit more creative though with the bending tail forcing a smack.
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Thank you! It's an idea of the commissioneer.
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why does this come up when you search:"enema" and then under flash well logged in?
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Well - the answer is in the description. DA search finds this word there. Are you interested in enema games?
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Thank you very much!!!
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turbo spank: ACTIVATE!!!
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