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I wish you guys all the best for the holidays and a great start in the new year.

It's going to be a very crrreative year!... My hopes are high on that.
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Hello Everyone.

I'm just back from an two weeks Vacations so sorry if I didn't answer any mail directly.

Unfortunately It looks as if I have to work this week away from my own pc and won't be able to do anything new or exiting soon. 
Great way to negate a perfectly relaxing vacation. >_>
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Phew... this is turning out to be a very expensive April.

First of all... I am now a Member of Adobe Creative Cloud and got my hands on PS CS6. :D Great so far, although I get the feeling the brushes behave slightly different. I still need to tweak it a bit here and there to get all my actions and keyboard shortcuts back in Order.
I really thought some time about this. But even if the software is only rented, the argument that you always get the newest Version of each Software in the Cloud settled the Deal for me.

Also I'm trying to broaden my Skill set by looking into Flash and After Effects at the moment. That's the latest reason my Dailys are not getting along as I would like.

To match my Membership with the Cloud I also invested big in a portable system to keep me busy when not at home. I ordered a Fujitsu Lifebook T902 and eagerly await the UPS guy sometime the next two weeks. :)
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Livestreaming another Daily.

Name: Kem Goz, fortune teller.

Basic details: Male, Elf, Witch, from Ustalav. Has a purplish hood or cowl to shade himself, but does not hide his face much. Face reveals great intelligence, as if deep in thought. Hands show long, quick, dextrous fingers. Body build is willowy, but not feeble.

A fennec fox is his familiar (very small fox with large ears and a brown and white coat). A GIS for "fennec fox" will give you thousands of pics to work from. They are very cute, but this one should be slightly serious, perhaps even sinister? After all, it represents an unknown yet powerful magical patron.

Notable gear: The one obvious item I would want highlighted in the picture would be a Harrow Deck, clearly ancient and well-used, but in decent condition. Perhaps magical? He's a fortune teller by trade.

Other gear: unstrung shortbow, silvered longsword, many scrolls, a few potions and wands, and some other odd bits (soup ladle, tallow candles, finger of troll, eye of stirge, that sort of thing... ;)

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Livestreaming a bit.

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Wow... it's march and I could have sworn it was Christmas just yesterday! o.O

Well, I was piled up in a lot of work and did recently start with Aion again, even tough I never wanted to waste more time into this again. But since my girlfriend is persistently, continuous playing it was hard to not look into it again and to see what has changed.

But I am positive that I will still find time to do some more illustrations and 3d modeling. I still owe a character illustration which I promised around January...*cough cough*
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I'm back and the vacation was just awesome, relaxing and fun!
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Phew... less than a week left before we take of on vacation. Really looking forward to it, especially since it's gonna cost much more than I wanted to spend. ;P

But what the heck.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish at least two pictures, the Unicorn Centaur and Kalee... would be nagging my mind if I'd leave them unfinished for those two weeks I'm afraid.
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Just if someone notices, I haven't been updating my Daily Sculpts for a while.

There are two main reasons,

No.1 I'm sick.
I have, what I guess is, a flue for almost three weeks now. Today I went to the doctor again to hopefully get some new info what this is. It's hard for me to spend too much time at the screen so I can't do much besides work. :(

No.2 is as mentioned work.
We have a deadline coming up Friday. So I have to do overtimes, basically it feels like the work of two weeks in one. Already spend almost my entire WE (A WE of fantastic weather Saturday said to be the hottest Day in April ever recorded in Germany)  to catch up with my schedule for this week to find out that the base model I have to texture had to be redone. This just rounded up a perfect fucking Monday!

Ah and my Internet connection sucks atm.

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Carefully positive again...

At least she canceled her account and as she told me a lot of her TS buddys are leaving the boat too... to next game of course BUT(!) I won't let her get another one!. >:(

Ah the Hack. Tonight it's Rango. Really interested in it, too bad I wont get the english original. :-/

Apart from that. I joined a small build your own WOW Mount competition and that's a lot of fun, But I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it. Work's pretty busy atm and the weekend is all booked out for my Girlfriend. An NO-PC weekend. Can't wait.

Dominance War V still didn't start. And actually there is another big Competition just released where you have to build your favourite figting game character. A redesign Challenge. o.O That's so awesome... guess I'll join that instead. ;)
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Having a girlfriend with a serious game addiction sucks big time. I hate it.
I'm so sick and tired from sitting here bored like hell, listening to her happy enthusiastc chit-chatting with her TS Buddys, while the only conversations I seem to get -for what feels like the entire last year- is what I've planned for dinner.

I don't think I can take this much longer. It hurts.

sorry for the depressed journal but this was building up for a long time and actually writing it feels good.
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in work that I hate. -_-
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Back again after an awful time off.

I feel like I've done nothing for my art-skills. Sure, I did a lot 3D modelling and paintings for my job.
But that was nothing I did really enjoy. Sometimes it even felt like working at an conveyor belt.

Working, drawing, sports and sleeping. Hopefully meeting with friends once in a while. ;)
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Damn... another half year wasted on World of Warcraft. When I stopped playing the first time last year, I thought I would be able to let my fingers off that game. I really get addicted to easy to those kind of games.
Don't get me wrong, I don't blame the game, I still love the idea to play with people around the world and I do miss my mates from my guild. But I couldn't help but to keep thinking about "Aahh one more hour won't hurt.". And it does not until you realise what you could have achieved in all that one hours that didn't hurt...

Ah but that's history. I'm back and I'm still kicking. And this is especially true for I did start shaolin Kung fu about one and a half year ago and am very passionate about it. My favourit form so far ist yin shou gun, the first shaolin form with the long stick. Next year I hope to spend my vacation training in shaolin with our schools master, but I've still a long way to go before that. ^_~

Right now I have the best time since my vacation in ireland with some good friends and pirate sisters. I recently got photoshop cs2 and two weeks of vacation to spend... no brainer to get that mixed up.
Weeell, today is "drawing free till evening" and "go shoping with girlfreind"-day.

see ya!

special greatings to bouddi, capt'n chris, fä, tinsche, Iron SculLy and the last years new year's eve crew, yeaharrrr......
Sigh... guess it's time for 20 facts you surely didn't know bout me.

1. My fathers birthday is easy to remember. It's 12.3.45
2. I'm the youngest of three brothers. Kai, one of them,  is my identical twin.
3. I was an boyscout.
4. I'm working at home as an 3D-Artist for computergames. I did most of the chara-designs and modelling for the SG/RPG Spellforce:Order of Dawn.
5. I tend to leave artworks unfinished, which I hate very much.

6. My first impression when tasting sushi was... awful. Now, I just love it.
7. My favourit sushi is unagi nigiri.
8. I hate it when someone "cleans" my chaos. I know it's untidy, but I do almost certainly know in wich direction I have to search for the stuff needed. Most of the time that is...
9. I'm an early sleeper. It's hard for me to stay wake past 1:00am.
10. None of my bones were ever broken. My brother got all my share. So far he broke both legs, one arm and got his right knee operated. XD More to follow, cause he's much more sportive than me. *eg*

11. I DO hate too much Squid branch fish sauce. Oh... and coriander.  @_@
12. I dislike horror/splatter-movies.
13. The first time I was drunk was on an classtrip to italy. I was 19 then.
14. I can't stand smoke.
15. I bought some audiobooks recently. One of them was american psycho.

16. The most shocking book I read/heard so far was american psycho.
17. I'm a big fan of Tim Burton.
18. My favourit anime/manga-series is meitantei conan.
19. I don't can't understand the Harry Potter-hype. Almost everythings been done before. Not as cocktail...granted.
20. Dishwashing is really gross. Dishwashing I hate the most.

none to tag. óò