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H. P. LOVECRAFT - 125th Anniversary Exhibition


Ésta es la pieza con la que participé en la exposición dedicada al 125º Aniversario del nacimiento de H. P. LOVECRAFT en COMIC CON SPAIN y SALÓN DEL MANGA DE JEREZ. Espero que os guste!

This is my piece for the exhibition dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of the born of H.P. LOVECRAFT on the COMIC CON SPAIN & SALÓN DEL MANGA DE JEREZ. I hope you like it!


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EPICSanchez010630's avatar
Cthulhu is basically me at 3AM getting some chocolate milk.
Xenomaster's avatar
"Don't mind me, just getting some milk"

Nice work
HavardGlenne's avatar
Wow! Love it! Amazing piece:)
RedChunks's avatar
I LOVE the sense of scale in this.
bignando's avatar
Super great !!!
Preatori0us's avatar
Great atmosphere!
Tygahman's avatar
liquae's avatar
Wow, this is so very, um, "eldritch" I suppose is the right word.  Very creepy and haunting, while at the same time calm and relaxing, odd..  Very well done work here.
Thank you! That's the idea :)
sixth-seraph's avatar
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
Conlaodh's avatar
Fantastic work.
dopepope's avatar
tho, those guys don't seem very concerned about a giant monster near by. lol. 
dopepope's avatar
awesome feel. 
VossZero's avatar
Well they seem fairly casual...
tcolling's avatar
Irene-Rodriguez's avatar
Muchas gracias artistaza!!! Un honor poder compartir pared con el tuyo :)
Irene-Rodriguez's avatar
Ahora a repetir compartiendo mesa en Ficzone :D
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