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Hey everyone!! I did something for Warner/DC!!
This is my poster of DC Universe's Titans for SDCC.
I hope you like it! 😊
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DC Universe thedcuniverse 
#DCUNIVERSE members! Are you headed to #SDCC? Check out these exclusive DC Universe Originals posters available for members only in San Diego! We’re giving away one a day at the DC/Warner Bros. booth to both annual and monthly members.


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© 2019 Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos. Unauthorized use prohibited. No permission to manipulate/reference/commercial usage (of) this image will be given. Titans is property of © DC comics © Warner Bros.
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Man your work is so kool especially your DC stuff. It would be awesome to see you do more, such as batman Vs Superman , Man of steel or Suicide Squad

BlasterMasterGuy's avatar
And they made zero effort on the costuming/make up of Beastboy, Raven, and Starfire.

F'ing cosplayers have done a better job than what they did.
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Sir, you have earned yourself a watcher.
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So well done! Such excellent execution. Are they really making this into a movie??
Thank you. Titans is a tv show. This poster is part of the promotion of season 2 in SDCC.
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Excellent poster art very well done!
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Cool poster! The actor at the top right looks kind of like Grant Gustin, though I know that's not him. 
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This illustration is so fantastic it makes this terrible show look excellent!
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Krypto at the bottom 🥰
RaptorRivers's avatar
That is so awesome!!!!!!!
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