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She smiled at the end of that hard fight, her opponent had a long cut that began at the shoulder and down to the hip, diagonally. His breath was panting, he was steadily trying to stay alive. She removed the misaligned wires from the front of her eyes and watched as the man tried to stand, with the little dignity that still exists in his body, even if it was to fall at some point.

-I guess that's it, huh?-He murmured, the fake smile on his face that made the woman smile even more, thinking how pathetic it was for him to smile on the brink of death.

-Wait just a minute.- she said, when the opponent was going to turn around so she would not collapse in front of her.-I did not come all this way for nothing. I have a request to make of you.-she said, her voice velvety that seemed to caress the ears of the listener.

-Do a request for you? After what you did?-He gave a slight, ironic and almost authentic laugh.-Go off tourself.

-Are you sure, Dante?My request is, if saved in time, would you kill people with me?-She pressed the tip of his knife against one of her fingers, absently-Try something new. What do you think?

His fake laugh did not surprise her at all, she actually expected him to. It was predictable. Expected.

-I thought you were crazy before, but you really took it to another LEVEL.-He paused, catching his breath.-No ... I'll never become scum like you.

-You aways do that ... The fake smile thing.- She lowered the knife, smiling, ready to get what she wanted.-You were not like that, Dante. Not at the beginning. Your smile was different at the beginning. You know, my words are true. That smile is your one hope. I remember how it was, though. Your laugh ... Your smile ...-She straightened, getting in a more relaxed posture, knowing that if he had the energy to do anything, he would have already done it.-That first time I killed someone with her body ... Oh ~ when I went back! That look on your face! "This must be a bad dream ..." you said. You tried so hard to rationalize WHY! After so many deaths, you start thinking, "Should I tell anyone?", "They will not remember ...", "I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE ..."You want to continue. Or stop. Anything other than relive the same pain. So ... To avoid the pain ... You closed yourself off even more. But when I do something new ... You FEEL something new.-She widened her smile, was getting something, knew she did.-Don't lie to me, Dante. I have seen what you are. A part of you enjoys hurting me ... Seeing new things ... FEELING new things ... And getting hurt ... while hurting her.- She approached, the sadistic and sickly smile showing her true identity.-That's why ... I give you this opportunity to do something new. I want you to KILL EVERYBODY with me.-she raised her hand in his direction, like did with his daughter before stole her body.-Come with me, Dante. Let's               kill                        them                         all.    .     .       .         .

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