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Penguin Deck Price Guide


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Heather: More Like a Dango than a Flower


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Blossom's deck

Duel Hams Decks

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Mario Tektek - Goombella

Mario Tekteks

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The List of Cards....

Mario Tarot 0 - The Fool: Groove Guy 1 - The Magician: Ashley 2 - The High Priestess: Daisy 3 - The Empress: Shadow Peach 4 - The Emperor: Bowser 5 - The Hierophant: Luigi 6 - The Lovers: Koops & Koopie Koo 7 - The Chariot: a Baby riding Yoshi (baby TBA) 8 - Justice: TBA 9 - The Hermit: Toadsworth 10 - Wheel of Fortune: Mariokart Item Box 11 - Strength: Donkey Kong 12 - The Hanged Man: Jugem 13 - Death: Dry Bones 14 - Temperance: TBA 15 - The Devil: Red 16 - The Tower: Tower of the Winged Cap 17 - The Star: Rosalina 18 - The Moon: Raphael Raven 19 - The Sun: Angry Sun 20 - Jugement: TBA 21 - The World: TBA ♣ - The

Mario Tarot

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As a Ninja Kid

RU Deviants

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MP Bio - Caterina

Caterina Koopa Gender: ♀ Guest Appearance Occupation: Undetermined Caterina Koopa is the Hero of Dark Land, and sources say she has defended her land from "The evil invader named Mario".  Caterina also has ties to Bowser and Bowser Jr.  When not doing the hero bit, she re-distributes the newly formulated Dark Land Cola.  Her other actions are unconfirmed.

Mario Project Profiles

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Would you eat this food?

Memes and Such

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Toadette from the Back

mushroom people shit

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Penguin Sword

Duel Monster Cards

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HH Profile_Plum

Huckleberry's Hijink profiles

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Who else noticed this besides me?

pokemon stuff

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Chews Vanellope

Sugar Rush stuff

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Kirby Ability Stars - Wrestler

Kirby Kirby Kirby

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The Big Bucket Crew

Splatoon stuff

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Penguin Deck Price Guide


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Actually In Them Now

Smurfy Stuff

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Angel Smurf


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