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Mario Project 2 pg. 26

page 25-> read it too, and hopefully it'll be fixed later

:iconteammatebluigiplz::iconsaysplz:EDIT: my not having a mouth is an anime expression

The doctor went there!

if it's one thing aside from the bob-omb sex that I take pride in letting my balls hang in this episode, it's this Baby segment. and the reason why I put this in is because it's too damn true. I mean, where are the black people of the Mushroom Kingdom? I found out the Toad Waitress is hispanic, but seriously.... don't take these two pages personal. however, feel free to debate their issue.

as usual, story by me
art by :iconbbmbbf:
Baby Rosalina design of ~chaMELeONtheARTIST
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glad you like
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Be that as it may, she is smart to agree with luigi's valid point.
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what valid point, it's truth
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U know, i didn't realize the 5th baby in the bunch was rosalina, i'm used to the signiture bang over her right eye.
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Mario Project 2 was done years before she was officially announced as an actual character for Mariokart8.  the reference I sued is the pic in my webcam
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Yea, but i'll admit, it still had me thrown off for a moment.
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In all fairness, Nintendo is getting better with involving colored people in their games, although I'm basing this on the two recent Pokemon games (and the even more recent sequels with extra Ghetsis) that have included black Trainers AND tanned Gym leaders, so I think they're improving even slightly.
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well respected opinions, but keep in mind something.

the Pokémon world doesn't have much problems with black people. sure, most of the populous is asian and have mongoliod complexions, but not everyone is white there either.

Marioverse characters on the other hand barely have black people, less than a handful. also know that a tanned person isn't a black person. I cleared that up with someone already. either way, thanks for your opinions on the matter
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Ah. Well, that makes sense, since they were not created by the same person...*facepalms self*
You're welcome. I'm glad I was able to speak with you about such things.
I hope I see more of your cute babies comic. It's an enjoyable read. ;)
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See,this is why i make all of my mushroom kingdom characters black
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I'd like to see them, show and tell if you please :nod:
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Baby Luigi is a smart ass! If he was my son i wouldda smacked him upside that nose of his! Just kidding. :iconblushingplz:
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you kid only because you know he's right
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Eh, I know. Just bein muh usually sarcastic self!
luigi looks like a snob in panel 1
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great, someone responded on the wrong thread again... it happens, so sorry about that.

Luigi isn't a snob, he's just trying to explain his point. I think it's cute.
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because you can't tell the difference between Luigi and Waluigi, :iconyoufailplz:
how do you do that
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you for got that these are BABIES
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