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Baby Peach's Wardrobe 3

the doctor shows off one more time :iconohjoyplz:

I got another set of outfits up and ready to go for everyone's viewing delights... and remember, this little experiment of mine is done to show off the outfits of Baby Peach since the little lady has many an outfit in her wardrobe (like all women do). once again, this series is all about the clothing itself, so only the outfit & shoes will be colored because that is the main focus; all outfits in the wardrobe will be explained from left to right; putting emphasys on the first mention, think of these as mannequins and they were provided by :iconbbmbbf:, thanks mi amigo; these are colored by hand, then scanned in, and I use three brands of color pencils: crayola (which I grew up on), rose art, and prismacolor (as they are sold in the Utrecht store and many people get amazing results using them); and to anyone who is wondering, these were taken from the following Mario Project page just to give you an idea (also feel free to view the page too):

before I begin, I will inform you that this wardrobe took not only some creativity, but also some power-ups from Super Mario Galaxy.
First up, obviously is a rainbow dress based off of the Rainbow Star, which has now taken the place of the Starman... as you can tell, the various coloring of this outfit made it a real bitch to do and the easiest part of this dress was the collar. as you can see, it's colored with the primary colors of the rainbow; scarlett red, canary yellow and royal blue. now the skirt petals are an interesting color scheme... based on the design, the belief is that there are a total of twelve SPs, so the color scheme is in the form of the color wheel.

the wheel turns clockwise, with clockwise going from Baby Peach's right to left: So the main petal is scarlet red, then red orange, orange, etc. all the way around to her left where that petal is violet; but instead of the regular violet, I used imperial violet and red violet to the left of the red petal. for the Mary Janes of this outfit, I used dark grey for the color and the rest of the outfit is in rainbow tone. for this instance, I took reference from the Rainbow Star pic and started on the frills of the right leg of the "panties", then incorporated the colors all the way through to the dress itself. I also went "ROY G BIV" for the gem of the brooch and used white for the brooch's ring, but man this one was a bitch...

Second was a real pain for color scheme. this outfit is my interpretation of Baby Peach after getting the Red Star that changes Mario into Flying Mario. the problem was that it made Mario's color scheme red and black =( now black may go well with certain colors, but pink isn't one of them! instead, I went through the painstaking process of combining colors and tried using a femine color frame with the color neon red, but it didn't turn well.... in the end, I found a color for the collar and the SPs, tuscan red.

I then used process red for the dress and for this gave the "panties" the cherry color. I wanted to use black cherry for the MJs, but it was too dark. as a result, I used maroon (which was one of the colors I tweaked using the dress with). for this brooch and the brooch of the next dress, I went back to the golden yellow on the ring, but for the gem on Flying Baby Peach, I colored it ruby. all and all, I think this one turned out pretty well.

Third is my interpretation of Baby Peach when using the Ice Flower. there's a lot of pride going into the ice dress because the collar and SPs use one of the most cherished colors in my arsenal, blizzard blue. blizzard blue is a crayola color, but it's one that I use sparingly as this color is a retired color. crayola retired this color and three other ones (those colors escape me at the moment) some years back and replaced them with four new colors. I went back to the ocean blue for the gem in the brooch as it is the standard, so yay for standards :iconcheerplz:

now originally, I wanted to make this dress white and have a snowy patterns on it, but I didn't want to make a "knockoff variant" of the nautica dress from the previous wardrobe, so I used turquoise. now the "panties" of this outfit concerned me was I used powder blue for them... and the last time I used powder blue, the color was massacred by the scanner. if you're wondering, the datasheet of Miiki in the :gallery: is the last time as he is powder blue; at least I got some justice on it this time. the footwear is colored periwinkle because periwinkle is a nice blue.

Finally, yes finally, I call this the "Sweet" dress. I was looking at the Bee Mushroom and noticed its stripes and figured that I would do a variant of this for the little lady. what is unique about this dress is that I had to mix colors to get certain color effects for this dress: the first color I mixed for, which was used on the footwear and the "sleeves" of this dress was honey. I mixed mineral orange and my sunburst to get the honey color.

incedentally, I went on a honey rant in the process. you see, I had a packet of pure honey and decided to scan it in to get the color... too bad the lighting made it too dark, so I held it up and used the color guage in paint to identify the honey color. so that's the color mix to honey. and when I say honey, I mean "pure honey" and not that fake ass honey that comes in the packets from KFC and whatnot. that Honey Sauce is a disgrace; two different types of corn syrup and sugar. honey is naturally sweet, so there's no need to add sugar to it. I also did the scan-in to a KFC honey sauce packet...

speaking of honey sauce, that's the color used for the "panties" of this outfit. I mixed peach beige and jasmine to get it. it looks better on paper before scan-in and I will post the textures to the colors honey and honey sauce, because there is a difference. for the collar and SPs, I used light brown and it gave me a somewhat better outcome this time around. also, I added a light brown stripe in the middle of this dress to accent vintage of the Bee Mushroom while the rest of the dress is colored canary yellow. for the first time, the ring of the brooch is colored black and the gem of this brooch was a mix of neon yellow and chartreuse to get the gem color, peridot. yes, my sence of color is almost uncanny :iconkirbyishappyplz:

with this said, I will soon post a poll and let all of you guys vote on which of Baby Peach's outfits for her to sport in later Mario Project episodes... so if you haven't spoken on any of the dresses, you will get to in that poll. well, that's pretty much all I have to say and... oh wait, one last line before wrap up...
:iconsaysplz:In case you were wondering, the outfits were hand made by me, Kelly ;)

thanks for taking a look into Baby Peach's wardrobe everyone :bow:
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You've worked hard on this. Good JOB!!:dummy: