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Baby Peach's Wardrobe 2

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the doctor is.... showing off some more :iconohjoyplz:

well everyone, I'm back and here to help show off some new fits. and in case you missed it the first time, this little experiment of mine is done to show off the outfits of Baby Peach, since the little lady has many an outfit in her wardrobe (like all women do). once again, this series is all about the clothing itself so only the outfit & shoes will be colored because that is the main focus; all outfits in the wardrobe will be explained from left to right; putting emphasys on the first mention, think of these as mannequins and they were provided by :iconbbmbbf:, thanks mi amigo; these are colored by hand, then scanned in, and I use three brands of color pencils: crayola (which I grew up on), rose art, and prismacolor (as they are sold in the Utrecht store and many people get amazing results using them); and to anyone who is wondering, these were taken from the following Mario Project page just to give you an idea (also feel free to view the page too):

First is another throwback outfit. remember how in the first wardrobe I did one of Super Peach, well this first one goes all the way back to Super Mario Bros. for the NES. I call it the "8-Bit" dress; notice that it's white... originally, Peach had on the white dress in the games and it had red trim, and she even wears this dress in Super Paper Mario when she gets the Mega Mushroom. for the collar and the skirt petals, I used the good old scarlett red, and since Peach originally wore brown pumps, I have Baby Peach's Mary Janes brown... well, light brown anyway (brown is a bit dark).

as always, ocean blue for the gem on the brooch and for the second time in a row, golden yellow for the ring of the brooch on three of the four attires present. I also took a page from the Super Baby Peach book and gave cream "panties" to this attire.

Second is another dress based off of an portrayed Armor from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the Nautica Dress (or Navy Dress, depending on where you're from). now originally, Peach's "N Dress" is all white and on the pleats of her dress are two blue lines that go across the hem, but when I tried doing that for the SPs on this dress, it wasn't cutting it and I colored them navy blue in addition to the collar; the footwear is also navy blue.

Peach's version of this dress is a sailor dress, and not being able to fully color it like the original downs me a lot because this dress looks like a blue variant of the 8-Bit one, and what hurts is that the brooch on Peach's N Dress is actually the top part of a ship's anchor, which is present on her dress. however, due to space limits, I couldn't even attempt to do the anchor for N Baby Peach at all... and speaking of the brooch, this is a properly colored gemstone that kept the vintage to the original, aquamarine.

I also felt bad because I should've used this color for the collar and the SPs. just for kicks, the aquamarine gemstone is not only a rare one, but it's also the birthstone to the month of March. the interesting thing about this dress is that in Mario Anime, it came with a seafoam colored swimsuit which Peach wore under this dress... well, the swimsuit bottoms anyway, and the seafoam color is what I used for the "panties" here. all and all, I'm not happy with the coloring of this and the fact that the scanner did me in badly doesn't help either =( if I get the chance to redo the color scheme on this dress on a bigger shot of Baby Peach if drawn by :iconbbmbbf: I will...

Third... is what happens when you try to incorporate Smash Bros. into Baby Peach's closet :| I figured that since I was in a Smash Bros. mood, was playing with Peach and I managed to grab the metal box, I figured that I would to a metal dress for Baby Peach... the scanner decided to R.Y.N.O. me here on this one... anyway, I used silver for the collar, SPs and footwear, grey for the dress and warm grey for the "panties" on this one. trust me, it looks better on paper than it does scanned in.

for this brooch, since metal is the theme here, I made the ring gold and I used black for the gem (to denote the gemstome is an onyx). I wanted to use metal pink, but I only have metal purple colors. what's interesting is that the current look for Baby Peach debut in Brawl by way of her trophy, which I do not have since I only have 300 something trophies... I haven't played my Wii much because my TV doesn't have thr prongs and I got this game when it first came out. now I can use the hammer to break its spot, but why? getting trophies is easy in that game, though the CDs are a real bitch :|

Finally is the one that some people should know simply by looking at the brooch... and if you don't know, then you probably don't have the gamecube game. this is my version of the Shadow Peach outfit for Baby Peach, and when I look at it, I should've changed the gems on the crown too... it doesn't matter, the crown isn't the emphasys of this anyway. the first thing on Shadow Baby Peach that I colored first were the "panties", and I used light purple for those.

I used lilac for the dress itself and orchid for the collar and SPs... it looks better on paper than scanned in of course. for the brooch, I colored the diamond crimson and the footwear is black grape. I wanted to use my imperial violet, but that color just wasn't working for this outfit... and I think everyone else used black grape for their pics of Shadow Peach, because most of them have her drawn in black, though the color schemes are purples...

personally, I may have Baby Peach wear one of these other outfits in later Mario Project episodes, though I'm not sure which... if anyone thinks Baby Peach should wear an alternate outfit in her wardrobe later, feel free to speak on it. well, that's pretty much all I have to say and... oh wait, one last line before wrap up...
:iconsaysplz:In case you were wondering, the outfits were hand made by me, Kelly ;)

more of Baby Peach's wardrobe to come, everyone. and hopefully, the scanner won't R.Y.N.O. me on the colors :iconsweatdropplz:
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I actually had to color the Shadow Baby Peach one twice as the lilac and light purple weren't getting much justice...