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Baby Peach's Wardrobe 1

The doctor is... showing off :iconohjoyplz:

so what's the purpose of this you wonder? simple, this little experiment of mine is done to show off the outfits of Baby Peach since the little lady has many an outfit in her wardrobe (like all women do). a few things first off: this series is all about the clothing itself so only the outfit & shoes will be colored because that is the main focus; all outfits in the wardrobe will be explained from left to right; putting emphasys on the first mention, think of these as mannequins and they were provided by :iconbbmbbf:, thanks mi amigo; these are colored by hand, then scanned in, and I use three brands of color pencils: crayola (which I grew up on), rose art, and prismacolor (as they are sold in the Utrecht store and many people get amazing results using them); and to anyone who is wondering, these were taken from the following Mario Project page just to give you an idea (also feel free to view the page too):

First up is Baby Peach's current dress, and as you know, the dress is a toddlerized version of adult Peach's similar dress. for the collar and the "skirt petals", I colored them hot pink and pink for the dress itself and collar, then I used dark pink for the mary janes. for the record, I don't like dark pink because to me, it looks like a purple; also, officially, the footwear is hot pink while the petals and collar are dark pink, but this reverse of colors looks better IMO. then comes Baby Peach's "panties" as you people refer to them... the light pink was used. now normally I would've used the regular pink, but the official pic [link] has them lighter than the actual dress. finally, golden yellow is used on the ring for three of the brooches with ocean blue for the gem (apparently the gem is a sapphire, but I don't have that colored pencil at this time).

Second is the Super Peach dress... and I mean from the vintage cartoon The Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode "The Trojan Koopa". in this episode, Peach grabs a falling starman and changes into this attire, it's the first Super Princess Peach dress, in addition to the first multicolored outfit in Peach wardrobe, and to those of you that have access to YouTube, look for The Trojan Koopa episode. for those who don't want to look, the dress is colored red at the top, then the first quarter of the dress is colored whie, then the rest is blue.

for Baby Peach, I made the collar white, but kept the dress top itself true to its red, but I used scarlett lake since red itself isn't all that colorful as it used to be, and the shoes share the same color. since there's no room for the white portion of the dress, I made the Super Baby Peach SPs royal blue (since this blue is darker than normal) and used the same color on the gem of the brooch, which is colored in a white ring as to keep the vintage. for these "panties", I chose the color cream because white panties are 19th century, people... that and I'm pro colourful panties on girls :aww: it sucks that the scanner doesn't do certain colors justice...

Third is the Summer Peach dress based off of the one Peach wore in Super Mario Sunshine. as you can see, this is the one that I had hoped waould get mercy on my scanner, but the colord actually look darker... not too much of a difference here than the basic one, it's only lighter. for the collar and the SPs, I used my bubble gum color, then I used pale pink for the rest of the dress and the "panties". I'm sorry, pale pink is the lightest pink in my repetoire, even lighter than the light pink, so I'm not going any brighter than that. the shoes are colored cerise, and the word cerise is french for "cherry"... I should've used this for the shoe color of the current Baby Peach attire =( finally, back to ocean blue on the gem of this brooch. I'm not all that happy with how this one came out...

Finally is the outfit based on my favorite dress that adult Peach has ever worn, her Fire Dress. to give you a quick refresher, the Fire Dress is one of four armor dresses Peach wore in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. it is the only dress that from the games (outside of the pink ones) that was worn in Mario Anime, is the second dress with a red colored gem in the brooch (the Shadow Peach dress is the second) and is the second multicolored dress in Peach's wardrobe. I would mention how I've told many deviants about Peach's fire dress, but I won't. however, I will mention that someone else on DA tried to draw what it actually looked like, however the colors weren't even close, but I'll give you points for effort [link]

anyway, Peach's Fire Dress is composed of five colors: black, red, orange, yellow and blue. the top is black with a blue flame decal at the bustline, then the dress itself goes down in the red, orange, yellow, orange, red color scheme, it looks pretty cool and I will post it too later. keeping treu to the vintage, Fire Baby Peach's dress is black, but the collar is blue since trying to do the flame decal in that space is impossible...

I also want to note that Fire Peach has black pumps that have yellow flame decals on them, which I didn't put on these shoes since it looked like yellow water *shot* and the gem of this brooch is a crimson red. for the SPs, I had a lot of issues on coloring it because of how vivid the Fire Dress is, so I just used my sunburst yellow. I would've used red, but red has its place and I'm keeping to the color scheme... the color scheme is also why I decided to use orange for the "panties" for Fire Baby Peach's outfit. Now I don't know about you guys, but I make it a rule to, and feel free to agree with me on this one, NEVER LET GIRLS WEAR YELLOW PANTIES! I'd rather use cream, tumbleweed, or jasmine (as the ladder two are closer to tan), but never yellow.

personally, I may have Baby Peach wear one of these other outfits in later Mario Project episodes, though I'm not sure which... if anyone thinks Baby Peach should wear an alternate outfit in her wardrobe later, feel free to speak on it. well, that's pretty much all I have to say and... oh wait, one last line before wrap up...
:iconsaysplz:In case you were wondering, the outfits were hand made by me, Kelly ;)

more of Baby Peach's wardrobe to come, everyone :peace:
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nice picture you draw
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check out the other wardorbes :peace:
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okay i'll do that when i get a change too
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They are so good and pretty :la: ,but I think that black isn't a color for a royal baby.:?
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you'll understand when you see the actual fire dress
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Aaaahhh... Sorry,my stupid brain. -.-
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I love the black one.
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glad you like
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