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A Mario Anime Retainer - 5

The doctor is in!

in Mario Anime, after a big war that took a tool on the help Peach had at her castle, the princess sought to hire some extra hands for her castle. Peach ended up hiring ten female mushroom retainers that worked as her new retainers. I've taken the liberty to recreate them using the Paper Mario body styles.

this is Kelly. Kelly is the mushroom retainer that dealt with clothing, and her skill with a needle and thread is second to none. before I go on, I want to remind you that I have included Kelly in one page of The Mario Project… Kelly was the first retainer hired by Peach... but she ended up landing her job without even having to be interviewed by the princess. :iconkirbyishappyplz:

like Hso, Kelly works the retainer beat and has a side job where she makes clothes. her gift of handling textiles is genius and she's made many outfits for her co-workers. Kelly knows the measurements to everyone that works at the castle, she even know the measurements to Daisy, Yoshi, the Mario Bros. and even Wario :icongaspplz:

aside from her blonde ponytail, Kelly's hair tufts out in front of her head, but that is placed under the mushroom cap. when she took her cap off and found that she and Casey had similar hairstyles, those two ended up spending salon time together and compared hairstyle techniques. this scan is also one of the first five scans done and as you can see... at least her colors came out fine. unlike the majority of the retainers that left Peach's employ, Kelly actually stayed and worked for Peach, though she took some time off after Jo's death.

unlike the other retainers, who all originally looked male to begin with, Kelly always appeared female and always had her dress on. Kelly's favorite color is peach and the majority of her clothes are that color. I plan on placing her in The Mario Project again, but it won't be until later.
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