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Ocarina of Time: Ganondorf

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Published: September 7, 2012


For the LoZ: Link's Blacklist project at :icongame-art-hq:
Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time! This... took me out of my comfort zone in several ways... I need more practice. I'll draw you again in a few years, just you wait!! :shakefist:

Be sure to check out everyone else's submissions for this project! They're all so amazing... ;;

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Gojilion91Hobbyist General Artist
Brilliant artwork on Ganondorf!! Very impressive!
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Awesome job! You make Ganondorf look really menacing despite the colorfulness of the image.
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67EstoniaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sunelise123 Jan 25, 2014
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S3rb4nHobbyist Digital Artist
So evil and yet so cool. Nice work!
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doodlemancyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hiiii, just FYI, i found this reposted without credit here:…

btw this is super freakin badass whoa
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ruina General Artist
Thank you for the notification. Unfortunately, he's not the first to repost without credit... looks like his entire profile is filled with such images too. :(  I guess I'll be watermarking all future fanart.
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doodlemancyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I see that kind of stuff all the time >:C watermarking is a good habit to have, at least. Good luck and stuff.
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The epicness from the Dark King of Hyrule. Bowser ain't got nothin' on this dude!
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CrashKirby64Hobbyist Traditional Artist
These toys are too much for you!
I command you return them to me!
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KaizokuShojo Traditional Artist
My favourite Ganondorf design... :D
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MintynJebStudent General Artist
This is amazing!! Great job!! I'm drawing a picture of Ganondorf right now!
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Ganondorf is one of my favourite Zelda characters. With Ocarina of time being my favourite version of him so far you've drawn him perfectly!
Amazing job! :aww:
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ruina General Artist
Thank you! :meow:
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Hiya, i just created the article for Ganon from OoT in his humanoid form for Link`s Blacklist! There you go [link] you can see the full progress of the Project so far here [link]

Say, do you have something to say about your entry maybe which i could add on the article? Like your own impressions of Ganon in the game or the battle with him or about your entry?

btw, we continue Link`s Blacklist next year!
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ruina General Artist
Oh wow, fantastic job with the site layout! Can't wait to see it in its completion! :la:

Hmm... the N64 OoT was a significant part of my gaming childhood which, like many other gaming friends I know from my generation, was the game responsible for exposing me to the Legend of Zelda series. So I was pretty sure I wanted to draw from OoT. I still remember the battle with Ganondorf and the sequences that followed were incredibly intimidating for me back then, so I wanted to try and express that feeling I had somehow. It was challenging and I honestly don't think I succeeded, but maybe someday, I'll try drawing him again and it'll be closer to that badass boss that terrified me as a child.

And that's great news that you'll be putting together another Link's Blacklist! I hope you'll have me again, I had a lot of fun with it this year! :)
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Yes you are welcome, my plan would be that Link`s Blacklist just gets increased /enlarged with the target to cover the complete bestiary of the Zelda games someday, its clear that this will need over 2-3 years probably but the result in form of art for just all the funny and bizarre creatures could be damn great :-) Via my site i try to cover as many different video game characters as possible anyway and try to motivate artists often to draw characters which are rarely getting any attention, somehow i got 15 artists last year as example to draw the characters from Battle Arena Toshinden, a fighting game from 1994. I see it as some way of preserving video game history through visual art.

I look how i can add your description to the Ganondorf article there

Greets, gbk
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Great work :) Congratulations for such amazing work!!
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ruina General Artist
Thank you! :)
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janus-006Hobbyist Artist
Brings back memories of a magnificent final battle. Great artwork, the detail is incredible and the attack effects are spot-on. An excellent portrayal of the Great King of Evil.
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ruina General Artist
Thank you! :)
janus-006's avatar
janus-006Hobbyist Artist
No worries.
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He has the POWAHH!!! Love this!!
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