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My gallery description should have been "Welcome to my gallery, my style is all over the place in several varieties, but I hope you enjoy it regardless!"

Speaking of which, it's a little hard for me to just up and make a chart of my styles since usually my style just depends on my mood. So I was wondering if rather than doing all of them I'd let you guys choose. All you have to do is link me a picture of mine you like the style of character wise in the comments and I'll draw one of my OCs in all the styles you guys comment. That'd keep it simple and make them easier to compare.

  • Note that they'd be the styles in my gallery just to keep things easy for me. (or if you've seen me post elsewhere, you can choose one of those). If you don't know what to call the style, you can refer to the folder, too.
  • Ex.) "Hey can you draw one of your OCs in your hatching style like in '  Little Miss Bubbly  ' and '  Caught Ya' Red Handed!  ' *insert links here*?"
I've been trying to be a little better about drawing my OCs instead of fanart, but if you guys really want to see a certain OC, I wouldn't mind if you guys vote on it, but that part is totally optional since if you don't I'd just choose a random one of mine.

I'd be doing this when my school workload lightens up, but yeah, I feel like this'd make it easier for me to actually DO a chart on this and make it a little more interactive too.

Current Style runner-ups:
1.) Traditional sketch style + color
2.) loose pixel style
3.) Semi-loose fully colored digital sketch ex.) Cocu
4.) Pixel hatching mini
5.) Cel inspired

OC: Mink
I decided on Mink, who is actually an older 2012-4 (?) OC of mine that I never posted here. She has a simple design, and I think she'd be fun to revisit for this.
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MaliteStar Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018  Hobbyist…

in the style of…

Honestly two of my favorite designs you've made, and the style of Happy Egg Season is definitely a top 3 for your styles imo
BobALinx Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you please draw Ugi in the style in either "Can you see the moon?" or "Blue Twin Tail"?
Big-Uncle-V Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018
Well I hope you don't mind a triple-choice deal.

I do not know who your characters are exactly yet, but I love what I've seen.
Whomever you end up drawing, I'd love to see such styles as the three below.

Cocu OC by Ruima-Mikaharu Peachum by Ruima-Mikaharu Determination by Ruima-Mikaharu
From left to right: (I wasn't sure about their names so I named them.)
1)  Pop-Comic style
2) Thick Canvas/hatching
3) Semi-real Comic style
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November 25, 2018


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