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My Bio

Heyo and welcome to my profile! I'm just your everyday anime and cartoon fan who likes to draw. Feel free to chat with me or critique my work, I could always use some help for improvement.

Also, please talk to me before attempting to use my art. I really don't like being surprised like that since my artwork doesn't tend to be free to use. If you do, know that you have not been given permission by me. This is just something I deeply care about, so if you cannot follow this then I’ll have to ask you to step away, respectfully.

This is a request, but please don’t share my art on pinterest or other websites. I like to know I posted things my self on places that I choose. I know none of you mean any harm, and it doesn’t happen often, but I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t. Thank you.

----------------- --------------

Some people may also know me as Hammy or Ham and many other names but Mikaharu is the one I most often use; so please call me Mika. I'm an African American artist in training, please critique my work if you have the time, I'd really appreciate it! I'm open to all forms of advice as long as there's good reasoning and basis behind them.

I am your average procrastinating potato of attitudial doom.

Generally I have an interest in older materials, whether that be animation, music, or forgotten video games, I'm open to checking them out.

I am a fan of both anime, cartoons, and all things animation/ narrative devices.

I generally like to draw; on rare occasions I attempt to make comics. Most of the time I just like being silly-so you'll see a lot of that to whoever I talk to, chances are I'm more afraid to talk to you than you-to-me, I occasionally animate and post art I did at school. I still try though, even if that means I might come off a bit awkward.

There were other things here,

but they broke, so I got rid of them.

But it’d look weird if this section was empty,

So I decided to add text anyway.

So for now this is just a space filler,

but I might change it later.

Sorry for this uninteresting bio xD

I feel like I’ve said “I” too much.

Favourite Movies
Iron Giant, Road to El Dorado, Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart, Zootopia, The Lord of the Rings Series, Beast of no Nations, African Doctor, etc
Favourite TV Shows
Saint Tail, HxH 2011, Inuyasha, School Rumble, Sailormoon, Zatchbell, DBZ, Code Lyoko, Foster's Home, Bobobo, Naruto, Gumball, FlapJack, Chowder, Samurai Jack, PPG, Shin Chan, Princess Tutu, (old) Pokemon, etc...
Favourite Books
Monster by Naoki Urusawa, Tower of God by Lee Jong-Hwi
Favourite Games
DragonQuestIX, Fire Emblem: Awakening, AnimalCrossing; ArtAcademy:Lesson's for Everyone, StyleSavvy: Trendsetters + Dsi version, pokemon, Blazblue: Continuum Shift, Cats (for the gameboy)...etc
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo products* DSi and 3DS
Tools of the Trade
Medibang Paint, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, my Nintendo DS’s, and traditional media
Other Interests
Video games, board-games, puzzles.
Finished 3rd 6chara now to do the last three💦



How okay is it to put really personal content in your portfolio that you may or may not show when looking for jobs? I’ve been debating on and off whether I’d like to add a really personal comic of mine into my portfolio because, on one hand, it’s a good example of me actually finishing something and I think its the best thing I have around right now that shows my skills in story telling. On the other hand it’s really personal and I’d feel kinda weird about companies reading my life story.

Just putting this up so I can find it easily

Just putting this up so I can find it easily Where to send feedback for Eclipse. (People who see this, feel free to ignore this unless you need it)

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KidneyDeerHobbyist Digital Artist

HELLO !! ;o;

Jingless!!! How’ve you been ; w ; ??
KidneyDeerHobbyist Digital Artist

I have been good ;v; just my usual on and off hiatuses with art, trying to get back into it, you??

I’ve been alright. Still permanently tired xD but besides that I’ve mostly been playing AC and DQ in my free time recently.
leothefox General Artist
Smurf dummy Thank you very much for all the faves! :LaDrum: 
XlalliStarStudent General Artist
Nice artwork!