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Ya'll Under Arrest!

Finished picture of ponified You're Under Arrest characters.

Tsujimoto Natsumi
Kobayakawa Miyuki
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I actually made an comic with Octavia and Vinyl Scratch in their roles.

Vinyl Scratch: Tsujimoto Natsumi
Octavia Melody: Kobayakawa Miyuki
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I read the German translated flipped Manga of this when I was like 12. It was the first Manga series I bought and owned for myself as opposed to just reading my brother's stuff all the time.

Now they're ponies! The circle is complete!
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your under arrest among my favorite anime
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woah, it's so old I actually remember watching it =P and it looks pretty cool too :D
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childhood feels activated!!!
this is so awsome:happybounce: 
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Wait to see Yoriko ;D
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:iconcriminalscumplz: STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!
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This is pretty cool!
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I jakoś tak teraz nawet mandat przyjąć przyjemniej.
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haha and as expected, it turned out spectacular! :D well done once again Ryc
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I wanted to send you link personally via skype but U were faster XD
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haha I'm just awesome like that :XD: haha
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so freaking awesome!!!!!
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