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Tonight at Luxor!

While I am sticking to my plan that after one commission I'm doing one picture for myself I decided to make this picture since I'm still in the Vegas themed stuff after a commission for Bronies of Las Vegas.
I decided to draw Trixie and Starlight since they compute so great with Vegas idea :D
Enjoy ;)
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The Equestrian Penn & Teller!
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It's a mad world in Las Vegas

Listen to this soundtrack…
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Las Pegasus here I come! Oh, are probably all sold out by now T_T
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Be careful Las Pegasus that the real show arrived.

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So these two are pretty much Siegfried and Roy now?
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You know the irony about this? Saturday will have the Equestria version of Las Vegas. Only it is called Las Pegasus.
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Their outfits are stunning! Great job!
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Awesome work. If you mean magic shows, yep I agree.
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now I want to go to Vegas :)
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Very nicely done on it! 
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What happens in Las Pegasus, stays in Pegasus.
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Hi, can I have your permission to post this on my tumblr?

I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.

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Like Criss Angel. :D
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and now sick banner for equestria daily
*chases them down the sidewalk with hungry fingers*
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Nice outfits, ladies. :D
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Since the end of last season, it has bummed me out that Glim got reformed. She was the perfect villain and still has that perfect villainous charismatic look to her.
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Insert Criss Angel! WOOOOOOOOOOOO I got to see his show during the Summer. Very well done!
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This! This is totally my head canon!!! <3

Seriously though this is just lovely; Ms. Glimmer would make a FINE assistant to Trixie. ^^
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