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Tonight at Luxor! 2 - Sweetie Singer

I am finally feeling good enough that I can sit and work. It is still a wonky position and I have to lay down again so that's why making this picture took almost a week when normally it would take less.
I just couldn't stand doing nothing and I missed drawing so much, therefore I decided to do something.
My idea is to make a series from the Las Pegasus themed picture and there you go. Sweetie Singer is a continuation of the "Tonight at Luxor" Tonight at Luxor! by Ruhisu
Making this picture proved that I feel good enough to start working on commissions, however how I mentioned it in my journal, I will work in a bit slower pace since I don't want to overwork and damage my leg.

Hope you enjoy it ;)
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A great Sweetie Performance Tonight, Rarity would be so proud of her!

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Wow how much of a name do you have to be to have a star like the RaRa backing you up in your act? Beautiful work on this!
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Rara playing a song sung by Sweetie Belle for her sister Rara
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Wooooow, how beautiful! :OO ♥
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I love the detailing and the cameo for Rara in the background. Oh man. This is a really beautiful piece! Well done!
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Such a beautiful performance by our lovely Sweetie Belle....!
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They are very beautiful in your style
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She definitely takes after her sister in this one.
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I think I fell in love.

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im still not sure if its sweetie belle or rarity..... looks awesome
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There should be music to play:
Courtnee DraperYou Belong To Me 
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I like your style! Sweetie Belle looks gorgerous and shiny, and the detail you put into the background awes me! :D
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sweetie looks wonderful n.n
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Also fits nicely in a Fallout Equestria prewar context.
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Didn't read FoE so I'm happy it can satisfy fans of this fanfic as well ;)
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What you don't see is what's in front of her, a sold-out crowd.

Hey, keep this Las Pegasus theme going, I'm enjoying the show ;).
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I will keep the series developing. Next start of Las Pegasus will be Scootaloo crushing metal in her "Wyld Chickun!" monster truck at Equestrian Monster Jam - Las Pegasus Speedway
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Chciałem nielegalnie zajumać do folderu na plakaty bo znalazłem to tutaj:
Ale zobaczyłem źródło i nie będę tak chamsko pobierać.
Piękne, czarujące, zajebiste.
and Luna be my witness I will go to Vegas!
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Dzięki za link :D Kisnę z komentarzy jakie tam powstawiali :D
A obrazek spokojnie pobrać możesz. Dopóki nie będziesz go publikować pod swoim imieniem to spoko
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This is really gorgeous. It seems legit this could happen in the actual show. At the same time we could see Rara again.

Awesome work
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I wish so but I doubt they would even touch the grown up CMC idea.
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You got a point. However, that doesn't stop fans to draw their adults selves. Actually, we should be happy that we saw them getting their marks since the show was supposed to end after season 3. It would have remained a huge mystery, then.
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