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The battle of Hoth

Finally, most of the things related to my diploma project are over and only thing left to do is to pass the Diploma Exam on Wednesday 2.09.2015.
The good thing is that I have finally some time to draw and since I need to get back in form before I restart doing commissions for :iconpakdul1: and others, I decided to make a ponified battle of Hoth as a warm up.
I hope you all enjoy. It can be also found on my 
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Kindly asking for your support ;)
More Star Wars pictures and commissions coming soon.
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The best part of this are the AT-ATs. You made them look like the ponies themselves!

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Ah well, it would be 20%cooler if it where the battle of hoofh xD

Just a Joke ^^ i Think its funny and i like it ^^

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Digging the way Lyra looks in that helmet. And yes, the walkers actually looks slightly cooler. 
UltimatePegasus-25's avatar
More like scared out of her fur
UltimatePegasus-25's avatar
Aim for the Fuel Tank on its belly!!!
Syzygy26's avatar
This is really awesome!  I like the designs of the AT-ATs you drew!
DarthVader345's avatar
Wheres da pony troopers?
MaxoscosDM's avatar
The AT-ATs are just wonderfully changed into the Pony universe, really cute somehow :P

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with star wars land coming to Disney Hollywood studios  bronies might one day be able to act this out if a brony con came to disney.
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Haha.....I love it!
987tails's avatar
now this is something! xD
Dragonman1000's avatar
This is amazing and cool!
"Harmony group use your harpoon and tow cable go for the leg it may be our only change of stopping them"! 
UltimatePegasus-25's avatar
Copy that I'm going in!!!
Applejack Is ready to kick some Imperia's flank.
SonicXAnimefan's avatar
"That armor is too strong for magic!!!"
Adalbertus's avatar
good, goood, the geekness is strong with this one :D

great work with the background and poses... actually I can't even find anything co complain about in here. =P
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Pony parodies. There's just so much of them. :)

IBAIPshow's avatar
Awesome beyond belief. Excellent work /)
IJoinedForPonies's avatar
Ha! That's awesome! Nice work! ^^
templar127's avatar
Is it just me, or do the AT-AT walkers look better as ponies! XD
matmax426's avatar
I thing this battle can't be much epic, I wrong :D
Scott-da-Hedgehog's avatar
Star Wars AND Ponies? My life is complete!

:icondarthvaderplz: Impressive. Most impressive.
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