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The Light and the Darkness

A picture I made as training ground for commission since there was a quite big break since I drew something last time. That's why I needed to get back into the pace before I started making commissions again.
Presenting good King Sombra from the parallel universe.

Mare from the picture -…
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Thus is a lovely picture.
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wiesz, ze nie lubie nowych pony, ale ten obraz Ci kurde poszedl genialnie
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No skoro aż taką reakcję wywołał to dziękuję ;)
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alez nie ma sprawy :D szacun sie nalezy
So the Alternate Sombra's found a friend... Delightful!
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Is that sombra's special somepony hope?
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too bad that didn't happen. ship sombraxcelestia or sombraxhope DX i cant choose.
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It will happen. We just need to wait. And it makes perfect sense, for both ships, don't you see?
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This is so beuatiful! Nice done, mate. I have many hopes to see this happen in the comics. I love Sombra and Hope together.
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Ahh, there she is, it's Radiant Hope. :)
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Zacne, jak ciastka czekoladowe :3
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Omg! *,* leci fave i watch !
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Wow. That looks beautiful! :D 
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If that is supposed to be Radiant Hope beside him, her coat should be a bit darker. Other than that, very nicely done!
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As for RH, I was drawing her based on this reference, I didn't had a chance to read the comic yet so I don't know much about her. Anyway thank you very much ;)
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Fair enough. Although, I definitely recommend Sombra's FIENDship comic, if you can get ahold of it.
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Will keep that in mind in the future ;)
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two sides of a pony
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