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Ponified XJ-9

Just a ponified Jenny
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I love her like this! Jenny looks very amazing and cool!

Rob Renzetti also worked on some episodes of Dexter's Laboratory on the first season.

By the way, Rob Renzetti worked in some episodes of MLP: FiM.

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Wow so cute I love her design and mechanical detail!
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Dang... I remember this show.
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Wow. Way to make me feel old. I feel like I'm 50 when I'm only 20 and I remember this show.
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Oh God I love My life as a teenage robot, it was part of my childhood!!!!
Duskie-06's avatar
Awesome! Love that reference! I used to watch that show when I was a kid! (:
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Really awesome! Adorable! ><
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Luna... cual era tu deviant cielos no lo recuerdoooooo >.<
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Where is this from, exactly?
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My Life as a Teenage Robot.
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I remember this show! =D This is so epicly awesome! =D Why do all the good shows have to be taken off air?! Great work! 25/10
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Okay, this crossover, I do approve of! :D
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You have GOT to do a ponyfied version of her hotrod flame paint job from "The Great Unwashed"
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She looks even more cuter ^__^
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Two words: LOVE IT!!!!
I didn't hesitate to favorite this! Great job! :hug:
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Okay, that's really awesome! I never expected to see something like this. :3
Flamilingo's avatar
You, dear artist has just made my day with this!!!!! :squee: :happybounce: 

Not even in my wildest dreams I could imagine something so both cute I am a dummy!  and awesome :happybounce:

I think I'm gonna let run some liquid pride, I'm so happy
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