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Picture made for :iconadalbertus: as the perk for my "Everfree Northwest Journey 2015" campaign
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It's one thing to be pinned down. It's another thing to not realize the duration of which you should keep your head down.

Regardless, awesome drawing!!!
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*poot bombs everywhere*
KA- *clic*
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Demopan not again!
jyroman53's avatar
Yeah is me !
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This is cool man. I`ve made a lot of MLP related drawings but this is neat. Nice job. Are the ponies shown in the picture custom oc`s you made?
If so I`m curious about the names. Once again well done.
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Ponies on this picture belong to my friend, gonedreamer (the blue one, Rain Dancer) and myself (the orange one, Amber Drop) :) you can go through out galleries to see few more pictures with them
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Cool I`ll check it out. Thanks for telling me.
Adalbertus's avatar
I hope you'll like it :)  
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Widzę ze niezła reklamę zrobiłem Amber
Adalbertus's avatar
zobaczymy co z tego wyjdzie :D 
Adalbertus's avatar
w sumie już Ci wszystko o tym pisałem :D wyszło świetnie :D
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always nice to see FOE related art.
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Oh wow. Comes across as a re-imagining of the lunar republic war(s). Detect a hint of Star Wars here as well. Solid use of line to demonstrate returning fire from the "enemy". The mist and moonlight light the scene very well and add strong sense of atmosphere. Good job /)
Ruhisu's avatar
Thanks man ;) Good to be back
IBAIPshow's avatar
Guess who's going to be on episodes 3 and 4 of IBAIP? ;)
Ruhisu's avatar
IBAIPshow's avatar
May 10th and 17th 2015 CanterlotHill @TheHiveRadio - YEAH!!! /)
Ruhisu's avatar
Cool! Can't wait then XD
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you need a concentration level of 9000% to be able to: rest your weapon, look down the scope, and and not flinch while aiming.
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I Fav.
It's not because it's good work, or Foe related... No! No, no, no...
trottyhoof's avatar
Fallout Equestria related?
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