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Merry Christmas 2016

I've finally managed to take control of my WACOM CINTIQ 13HD but...
...because of the Christmas madness I just don't have time to draw a full time picture but I wanted to give something to all of you for being such great watchers, friends and customers during this year. Your patience and understanding keeps my heart warm, therefore I would like to give you this warm sketch I was able to do on my new tool before I had to help with Xmas preparations again.
I am posting it today because I know already that the last day before Christmas Eve will be a cooking terror and I won't be able to post anything until end of the year.

Merry Christmas Everybody
A Happy New Year!

See ya in 2017
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This is very warm and pleasant picure, thank you ^^
One of the ornament look like the Death Star :D (Big Grin) 
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quite common christmas tree decoration in Eastern Europe, at least I had lots of these.
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... Is that a Death Star ornament? 
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it's a very common type for eastern europe, lots of decorations in this drawing present in my box too. And death star has nothing to do with this, LOL.
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Don't scream like that, mister
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*Whisper* You can't tell me what to do~!
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I had that feeling while publishing it that people might think it's a Death Star :D
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Not really. That type of decoration really existed. No photo, though.
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I just love the sepia when it's done right. 
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