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Marble Mac

Marble Pie with a Big Mac, what else?

For those who wouldn't like to see ponies eating meat.
It can be anything, maybe soy burgers :P
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That's also a way to handle bad emotions O-o
Gwardcornukfrandsell's avatar
The only Big Mac she'll be able to eat...
paladin095's avatar
Welp at least she is happy
ABB0002's avatar
Awwww why are you alone
Sumi-mlp25's avatar
Lol funny but I find it cute
Sakryptix's avatar
At least a Big Mac isn't her cousin. I don't care if it's distant, Marble and Big Macintosh are still RELATED.
RichyX15CR's avatar
Owl-Eye-2010's avatar
Looks like a nicer McDonald's then actual McDonald's restaurants!
DrDerpinstines's avatar
The puns! The puns have been made!
alexwarlorn's avatar
And Cheerilee is getting the same thing a booth over. 
LightReading2's avatar
love the details put on the shake and burger
Ruhisu's avatar
Thank you :) I thought this would be a good comic relief ;P
hunterN05's avatar
Heeheehee, that is adorableness, nice work!
0ptimusgames3's avatar
Poor Big Macintosh.....he was transformed in a Big Mac of McDonald's.....
MattsyKun's avatar
I ship this so hard Twitch Emoticon - Kappa 
karkovice1's avatar
If she can't have the real deal, why not second best? :)
SilentCarto's avatar
Hayburgers are canon. Remember Twilight Time?
Bleyk36's avatar
hhehhe!!! nice i like it
PonyPoet21's avatar
I am impressed by the amount f detail you put into this, even down to having the writing in the cup say "eyup." And,those black and white pictures in the background...very nice.
Ruhisu's avatar
Thanks a lot ;) I wanted to make an impression of a typical McDonalds which i had a couple of times chance to visit :D
PonyPoet21's avatar
Well, you nailed it. :D
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