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Luna's day off

Spring is finally here so Luna decided to take a day off her royal duties
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DCA-Art-15's avatar
Aaaaaaa so cute!!!
MeganekkoPlymouth241's avatar
I can't help but look at this, and think of the "Oh yeah" song from Ferris Bueller. :XD:

Still, this looks lovely, and the outfit definitely suits Luna. :meow:
mmlp123's avatar
Looking. Good luna,looking good
pakom15w's avatar
Ponies and ice cream. Definitely a good combination for a fan art. Pretty good work. Regards.
maryam-sheq's avatar
wow so so so so so awesome and cute
D-J-P-O-N-3's avatar
Well, she always has the days off. *Badum tiss* No? Not funny? Okay I'll stop.
D-J-P-O-N-3's avatar
Yaaay I made a not completely terrible joke!
FloweryFruitFangs's avatar
it wasn't...that bad? 
Blackwind06's avatar
dingosnivysprint12's avatar
Getting ice-cream is always good to get :D Nice job! 
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
SeriousJupiter's avatar
She deserves a break after all those nights she's spent helping fillies overcome their fears and better their ways.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Uso jocolboc u vloup uhgol ura checo myutfgc uso'c ckomg forkot hyurayuoc ebolseno choyul houlc umja voggol choyul quuic.
frans97's avatar
Have a break, have an ice cream.
ragnu's avatar
Wow! :wow:
You handled the colors BEAUTIFULLY. Bravo!
cajobif's avatar
At least they do get early spring snowdrops there. That would make her angry.

Beautiful work. I like her ensemble
YoshiRingo's avatar
Holy geez this is so cute!
Krazylec's avatar
Looks like she still couldn't help keeping her royal shoes!
Kittamaru's avatar
OH my GOD so cute!
OfficerPony's avatar
Zgadzam się z Chari, że troszkę zadek nie wyszedł, ale ogólnie jest śliczna, i tak....udziela mi się klimat tego rysuneczku :)
Ruhisu's avatar
Ja dosłownie przed chwilą sobie wyszedłem na lody :D
OfficerPony's avatar
Mniam, mniam <3 :D
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