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Harmony Crusaders: Sweetie Belle

First digital since the start of my big break.
I decided to do this one because I don't want my skill to dicrease. 
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I personally prefer this grown up version of Sweetie Belle. Only a few people get her mane right.
deli73123's avatar
Always a good idea to keep practicing! :P

I really like this design. It's always interesting to see what people come up with for "grown-up" versions of the CMC.
Sweet-karem's avatar
she so cute  ^^
openskyline's avatar
Lovely design with a bell and all, although what does it signify?
Ruhisu's avatar
That while she sings, her voice is so heart warming like christmas bell
jazzie366's avatar
What does her cutie mark represent o.0?
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xHoneyDreamsx's avatar
is not my video, still nothing. :D
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She's too cute!
Maddison-Starstruck's avatar
That's an impressive looking cutie mark.
waraiigoe's avatar
I like her cutie mark design!
Windspeed8's avatar
I like her cutie mark nevery nice
SorteKanin's avatar
That cutie mark... Sweetie *Bell*e... I get it and I applaud you for that design (if it was your own), that's really good actually. It fits surprisingly well.
Other than that, blushing Sweetie Belle is just cute, keep up the good work :)
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Thats my design so thank you very much ;)
Breevsto's avatar
Aaw, she looks really sweet!! :3
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Is that her legit cutie mark???? :O :D If not, still epic design
Ruhisu's avatar
It's not legit but I tried to make it fit her name :D
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