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Halloween AJ 2013

Bat AJ wishes you all Happy Halloween
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awwww *picks her up and hugs her*
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If I had known you had a deviant, I would have favorited this one Haha
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I thaught that there was link to my DA in signature. If not, then I'm sorry :)
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Nah, there was, I just didn't notice it XD
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Nooo, the only cute little thing I consider deadly is pinkie pie.
Young Lucy (Excited) [Elfen Lied]
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Lordofthememes's avatar
am i the only one that considers this cute thing deadly?
mailboxzs's avatar
"The precious wonderful adorable lovable"  

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Oh... oh God, I... I... :iconhnnnngplz:  

(Psst... shouldn't those be Nightmare Night Apples, rather than Pumpkins?)
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*knock knock*
:icontotalbassist45: :iconthinksplz: I wonder who that is.
:iconbabyapplejackplz: :iconsaysplz: Im applejack, moar candy?
:icontotalbassist45: :iconsays3plz: You can have ALL the candy!!
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Oh god! It's too Cute I can't take it!!!
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Oh my god, BEST Halloween 2013 deviantion EVER!!!!!!!!! 
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Its tooo cutee. :iconhnnnngplz:
I'm Appuhjack.  Twick oh Tweet?
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"Am' Apwoljack! Mowe candies?"

Yes! Here you go, sweetie.

Beautiful work
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More pumpkin fwitters?
GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
SQUEEEEEE!!!!  ADORWABLE!!!  Happy Nightmare Night, widdle AJ!
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:iconsweetjesusfaceplz: It's too overpowering. Gah!
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SOOO CUTEEE!!! :cryingla: Clapping Pony Icon - Pinkie Pie <img> cake 
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OH GOD!!!!!!  ::dies::

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kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3
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