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Fallout Equestria picture presenting my OC Brave Wing defending himself from the mutant horde ambush.
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Oh crap kill with fire.
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Oh my, now THIS is great! I love it.
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Now that looks awesome! I can feel the battle going on and some mutants getting slaughtered. Well done, mate :)
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Teh fucking Mutants... They just want cake! 
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well, probably one of the most epic of your pictures as well as most impressive as far as the style goes. 
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The coloring came out great! I love it!
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Zdecydowanie, technicznie Twój najlepszy obraz
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Awesome. I saw the line art a while ago and I must say the colouring really brings out the atmosphere and mood of danger. And the details and amazing, especially with the muscle and the feather tips.
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I'm also amazed by the final effect XD
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świetne! na jakim programie takie coś zdołało Ci się uzyskać? :D
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wow, ile czasu nad tym spędziłeś? ;) z ciekawości pytam bo ja również pracuje na SAI'u ;)
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3 dni. Sam szkic mi jeden dzień zajął
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Świetnie wyszło, bardzo podoba mi się wygląd mutantów :)
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Dziękuję, zwłaszcza, że sam wpadłem na ich design XD
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Wow, niesamowita robota :3
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Dzięki wielkie :) Sam jestem pod wrażeniem efektu
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