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Commission for Auriel

Commission made for Auriel
Enjoy ;)
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This is amazing
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You are good at planes
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Jakie Ty przepiękne klacze rysujesz! FREE flying hearts Icon 
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Po prostu bazując na kresce serialowej dodałem elementy swojego stylu. Nic trudnego ;)
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Who need wing when you have tecnology 
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Has a somewhat Studio Ghibli feel about it. Really nice.
That1GamerGirl's avatar
thats awesome!!!!!!
VengefulStrudel's avatar
Ponies and airplanes? Niiiice~ Pretty cool idea, heh. Well done :D
cajobif's avatar
She should wear mechanics gears. Just in case.

Love it, though. Wonderful work. Favorite WW2 plane?
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
Interesting concept. =3
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"I'm not sure who's more annoying: the pegasus and griffon diehards screaming about how 'stupid ground-punders and their hideous machines' are 'befouling the sky'; or anyone WITHOUT wings saying planes like mine will put natural fliers out of business. I don't care about any of that, I just want to fly."

--- Lightning Chaser, Unicorn pilot.
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I imagine with pegasus cities, the air pollution would get annoying. 
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
Well, that's where magic comes in--if there are spells that can do everything from too turning ponies into Breezies to making an entire town go crazy over a doll, there's  ABSOLUTELY NO REASON a few enchantments and runes can't make an engine run cleanly. Heck, maybe the plane's engine won't even run on "conventional" fuel at all.

Besides, both pilots and natural fliers could learn to adapt.
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In my story where ponies uses propeller planes and jets, they use liquid rainbow instead of fuel. I don't answer why so, magic, screw logic :D 
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
It's not really a "screw logic" thing; we have seen the stuff is volitile. Not much of a stretch for it to be combustable enough to use as fuel.
SonicRPika's avatar
Would this "liquid rainbow" fuel source be cleaner than the oil we use in our cars? And how would using liquid rainbow work?
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
It would work similarly to how other way any combustible fuel works.
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Mina w stylu "Co ja właściwie odpierdalam?" xD
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Incredible work, always did wonder how ponies fix jets. :D
DraconicRuin's avatar
This is so amazing! Love the artwork style :heart:
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oh this is so cute :3
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Would be interesting to see more technology based creations, and all three races discovering something extraordinary. Similar to Fallout.
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