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Fallout Equestria commission for :iconpakdul1:

"    “Are ya gonna stay in here with ‘er all night?”

    Calamity’s voice was a whisper, very close to my bed. I wasn’t entirely sure that I was awake, much less at which point the tides of dreaming had deposited me on the shore of awareness. I vaguely recalled a change in the darkness, a fluctuation of light, perhaps the opening of a door.

    “At least until her fever breaks,” the whisper of Velvet Remedy’s voice sounded from near my head. My ears twitched.

    “She awake?”

    “She’s been in and out. She’ll sleep better once the fever’s broken.”

    Wonderful. My body felt alien to me. My mind was a horrible, shifting haze. I said a silent prayer to Celestia, begging her to take my sickness from me and cast it to the moon.

    “Ah’m more worried about you,” Calamity said. “And not just ‘cause ya need t’ sleep too.”

Celestia, do you hate me? My sickness and misery was giving them time to bond. My mind started tormenting me with images of how they might be spending their time together now that I was effectively out of the picture."
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