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COMMISSION for KennywoodRacer

Solar Sentinel for :iconkennywoodracer:
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Polish winged Hussar.
GingerBaconCookies's avatar
This is amazing!!
Tarascus101's avatar
Cool art.
AZREAL258's avatar
He looks amazing.
DeJiKo07's avatar
KennywoodRacer's avatar
I love it. I think I may now have the Coolest OC in all the Fandom!

Thanks You for your amazing work!
FriendshipIsAwsome's avatar
Holy crap...this is fucking awesome Ruhisu!

And this is why I am undeserving of commissions from people like you.
Ruhisu's avatar
Big thanks :) By the 16 or 24 of June I'm reopening my commission board so you may place a order by that time ;)
FriendshipIsAwsome's avatar
Sorry for the confusion,

What I meant to say is, basically that I hate that I can't even pay to get a commission from you (don't have money to get points), so I have no way of supporting you.  Oh well, awesome work!  Can't wait to see your next piece!
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Dang Ryc! Fantastic job!
Ruhisu's avatar
Since I have time, I'm catching up with many commissions from MLPforums before I reopen the board.
I'm planning it for 16 or 24 of June :)
gdalton66's avatar
Well just don't over do yourself Ryc ;P I know my friend was very happy with the pic you did though
Ruhisu's avatar
Good to know since he didn't write me anything and I was worried that he didn't like it
gdalton66's avatar
haha no he was bragging about it for a good time :XD: you did an awesome job Ryc
Ruhisu's avatar
Tell him, that I'm working also on a wersion with helmet:
gdalton66's avatar
haha alright :) I'm sure he'll be more than happy
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