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WOW! I totally forgot about this one.
I made this drawing in summer for my friend who lives one block away from me.
I made it between commissions for Bronies of Las Vegas and Zyphie but because of my injury, I totally forgot to publish it.
Anyway it's a very odd situation here :D Judging from the description given by my friend, her oc finds joy in being beaten and and it seems that the radiation did some really odd stuff with her brain, thats why I decided to call this one "Brainwashed"
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Totally wanna see more of this character, absolutely loooove it! 
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I can't tell if she's cute or pitiful :P
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I don't know why but I'm stuck on this pic. I don't know how to feel.
She's adorable and horifying at the same time. I feel terrible for her situation but her look is so cute because she can't do anythink but liking what's happening to her.
I'm just bluescreening here. Seriously.

Is there other art of her ? Did she have a name ?
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Sorry I don't remember the name of this oc. It could be Graffie but I can't tell Im 100% sure unless her creator find this post and confirm it.
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Awww :ohnoes: poor pone...
Nice job tho
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Masochizm i popromienne wyparowanie mózgu... Uroczo.
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