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Bed time story

Gift art for second special guest who arrived at the Middle Equestrian Convention. Mrs. Kora Kosicka the character designer of the DHX company who created Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Moondancer and more. Here you can see her oc ready to read a bed time story to her children.
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This is a wonderful piece, but I feel like it basically mandates two more. All these kids had significant issues growing up, so I feel like a piece of a worried mother trying to help her adolescent children followed by a happy, adult family piece would complete the story. but that's just me. Lovely piece in its own right!
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Really cute Sunset!
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Maybe it's just me, but one of the toys in the toybox vaguely resembles Transmetal Rattrap...
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Awesome work. Oh! That's who is the OC. Good thinking.
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wonderFULL ^w^
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Moondancer always so neat.
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This has a really comforting and calm feel to it, despite the activity depicted.

Very nice work!
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Squeeeeeeee for a happy Sunny!
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Cuteness overload!
:D :D :D
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where is twilight and trixie?
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In the description I mentioned that Kora was responsible for Moondancer etc - characters which appeared in season 5.
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Absolutely adorable with solid use of light and characters. Well done /)
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Amaziiiing! :D I'd love to see a video game created by you haha :D
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Sunset is so adorable =)
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DAAAAWWW!! Suu many cute unicorns!
*closes the door*
Aww they look so cute. :)
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Awesome job! They all look adorable!
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Happy Sunny! Chibi Sunset Shimmer Icon :squee: :backhug: :snuggles: 
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Is that a Smarty Pants doll I spy in the toy box? ;)
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