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My queen, you are so beautiful and sexy!

Well done, you did great!

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*Aria uses her geokinesis to bury Captain Marvel under an avalanche of rocks*
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Yeah, y'know, it's about time this Dazzling got more attention, and a bigger fanbase too. I mean, who wouldn't admit to loving the snarky, sarcastic girl? Am I right? 😀
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Best fan art of best dazzling *-*
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It looks awesome, but what are those things on her wrists? They look cool.
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Sooo awesome!!! :la: :la: :la:
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She is so darn alluring and sexy! :D
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she is fine, and starting to become my new fav eqg girl. you did a great job
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I guess there's only one rule at Canterlot High...
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And if you forget, then she'll have someone remind you.
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It's the villain from the next MLP movie.
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I want her to use a whip on me, with that expression on her face.
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darn! its so pretty! 
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I'm thinking about recolouring her. Will give some natural human skin colour. 
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Jaka pjengna .3.
To jeszcze zostala Sonata :dummy:
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