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ART TRADE for Black Whiskey

My art trade part with :iconblackwhiskeys28:
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the picture is really nice, but I think you messed up BW's proportions a bit, she doesn't have a neck, or anything between her chest and her butt... 

And despite that and them being random Ocs, you still got a feature on EQD... I'm a bit jealous actually <_< 
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Nie ogarniam jak taki art tam dopuścili XD. A szyja jest tylko włosy wsio zaslonily i wszystko popsuły. Znajdę Ci wersje robocza
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everyone love butts.
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I want their butts :3
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Oh wow, this looks really good :D. Good job ;)
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Oh wow, i think these are some of the best looking oc's i have seen in a long time ^~^

Great job with the drawing it looks amazing ^~^
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Black Whiskey (white unicorn) is from Fallout Equestria: Mission Retribution, and Jackie (orange earth pony) is my ponyfied OC from Fallout New Vegas
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oh, i have yet to read any of the fallout equestria >.>
But still Jackie is still an great looking oc ^~^
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no problem ^~^
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O wiec tak się sygnujesz. Daje tag
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