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Earth-93: Black Cat

Earth-93: Black Cat

Legal Name Felicia Ashley Hardy Known Aliases Black Cat Anastasia Sablinova (birth name) Relatives Walter Hardy (foster father, deceased) Lydia Hardy (foster mother) Fritz Sablinova (biological father, deceased) Sylvia Sablinova (paternal cousin) Ernst Sablinova (paternal uncle, deceased) Felicity Thompson (daughter) Affiliations Spider-Force Wild Pack Sablinova International Heroes for Hire Date of Birth July 19th, 1988 Employer Sablinova International Marital Status Married (Eugene "Flash" Thompson, husband) Species Human Mutate Gender Female Orientation Bisexual Hair Color Black (often wears platinum blonde wig as disguise) Eye


A Very Special Edition

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My Bio
My main form of artwork is micros.

I'm a terrible artist, wheather it be, traditional, 3D, digital, you name it, I just won't be able to deliver a satisfactory result. I'm trying to improve, but for now, if you want to request anything, please don't expect anything more than a micro.

Micro's are INCREDIBLY easy to make and can be done in minutes if you have the right templates. I know it's a poor alternative to drawing REAL art. put for people like me, who should have paid more attention in art class, it's all we've got.

I'm not a bad writer either, if I can motivate myself I can create something quite... Good (Sorry for the bland choice of words, I'm in a hurry.)

Favourite genre of music: See "Favorite Movie"
Favourite style of art: Those little people I make!
Operating System: Windows 8
Favourite cartoon character: Rolf
Personal Quote: You are trying my patiance, that is not good as I am the son of a shepard! - Rolf

Favourite Movies
Too many for my own good!
Favourite Games
Medieval 2 Total War, Freespace 2 and Age of Empires 3
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
MS Paint and sometimes Corel Paint Shop

Season 1 Bios: Scott Summers/Cyclops

Season 1 Bios: Scott Summers/Cyclops

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS Real Name Scott Summers Known Aliases Cyclops Relatives Christopher Summers (Father-Deceased) Katherine Summers (Mother-Deceased) Alex Summers (Brother) Affiliation X-men: Field Leader United States Air Force Academy: Former Cadet Date of Birth August 6th 1990 Occupation Current: Student at Xavier Institute Former: Cadet at United States Air Force Academy Employer Xavier Institute Marital Status Single PHYSICAL DETAILS Race Mutant Human Gender Male Orientation Straight Hair Color Brown Eye Color Brown (glow red when emitting optic beam) Height 6' 1 Season History: Scott was born In Anc

Season 1 Bios: Logan/Wolverine

Season 1 Bios: Logan/Wolverine

In memory of Len Wein BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS Real Name Unknown Known Aliases Logan Wolverine Relatives Unknown Affiliation X-men: Member Weapon-X: Unknown Capacity Date of Birth Unknown Occupation Current: Freelance security expert of Xavier Institute (On Paper) Former: Various freelance jobs in Canada, Unknown. Employer Xavier Institute Marital Status Single PHYSICAL DETAILS Race Mutant Human Gender Male Orientation Straight Hair Color Brown Eye Color Brown Height 6' 2½" Season History: Until joining the X-men, every day in the life of the man named Logan seemed to be the same as the last save for one

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Hey, are you behind the idea of the Marvel Earth-15 campaign?
Is that the GoFundMe thing?
I wanted to do something similar for my universe, but Roy advised me that Disney might not have liked it.
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Thanks for adding me to your deviantWatch :) I really appreciate it
I saw in your fav folder that you like maps and flags. That makes two of us!
Baby Groot thanks you for the llama :)
Dude, when will you update?