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Earth 793: Spider-Man (Part 2)

Following Uncle Ben's passing, Peter sought out a job to better support himself and Aunt May. After a failed attempt to dazzle the Fantastic Four into membership (Though the encounter with the team would include Peter proving his mettle as a superhero day, leaving Peter on amicable terms with the F4 and was even gifted an unstable molecule suit that became his de facto “Spidey Suit” ever since), Peter answered an ad from the Daily Bugle newspaper for candid photographs of Spider-Man. Peter took photos of himself in-costume to get his foot in the door, and quickly snagged a part-time position in the Bugle Bullpen as a web programmer. Peter’s time was split two ways during his first year as a superhero: One was a collaboration with the Bugle’s investigative reporter Fred Foswell to expose entrepreneur Wilson Fisk as a major crime Kingpin (Why Peter took such an ordeal upon himself is unclear, but one could
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Earth-753: Spider-Man (Part 1)

Part 1: 1987 - 2002

Peter Parker was born August 10th, 1986. His parents, Richard and Mary, stepped away from their work in SHIELD in order to properly raise Peter, but both would die when they were coerced into taking up one final assignment in 1991, leaving a five-year-old Peter to be taken in by his paternal Uncle and Aunt. While not apparent at first, the abrupt loss of his parents would have a profound effect on Peter. The formerly jubilant and outgoing child would grow more withdrawn and introverted over time, preferring the company of books and his own daydreams over other children, and as the years went on Peter would become an easy target of ridicule among his peers. Peter was thankfully not entirely deprived of affection during his childhood, as his Uncle Ben and Aunt May lavished him with love and support as though he were their own son.
Spending most of his early years as a bookworm helped Peter to excel in academics, leading him
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Scott Summers commission by phil-cho


Real Name

Scott Summers

Known Aliases

Christopher Summers (Father-Deceased)
Katherine Summers (Mother-Deceased)
Alex Summers (Brother)

Field Leader
United States Air Force Academy:
Former Cadet

Date of Birth
August 6th 1990

Student at Xavier Institute
Cadet at United States Air Force Academy

Xavier Institute

Marital Status


Mutant Human



Hair Color

Eye Color
Brown (glow red when emitting optic beam)

6' 1

Season History:

Scott was born In Anchorage, Alaska to Air Force Major Christopher Summers and Katherine Summers. While flying his family home from vacation, Christopher's private jet experienced a fire in one of the engines. Scott and his younger brother Alex were given the two remaining by their parents and forced to jump.

During the descent Scott was sustained a head injury, though he did not realize it at the time it would prevent him from being able to control the optic blast powers he would develop later in life. As his optic blast powers began to manifest he experienced intense headaches which would often culminate after a few days in a powerful discharge of red energy. Fortunately he was always able to get to a safe and discreet location before it happened. But he always feared his luck would one day run out.

Scott and Alex spent most of the remainder of their childhood's in foster care before going their separate ways after their high school. Scott sought to follow in his father's footsteps by joining the Air Force Academy, hoping to overcome the fear of flying he'd had since the accident become a pilot, but the headaches were becoming more powerful and the blasts more destructive.

It was one night where Scott followed and caught a group of cadets smuggling alcohol onto the Academy grounds that he completely lost control, forcing Scott to keep his eyes closed, effectively blinding himself. The cadets attempted to report him to the Academy Commandant the next day, but everything changed for Scott with the arrival of Charles Xavier.

Xavier erased the cadets memories of the incident and offered to help the young man, offering to host him at the Xavier institute, and to help bring his abilities under control. Scott, who was at this point effectively blind, unable to open his eyes without unleashing a destructive beam, accepted Xavier's offer out of desperation, knowing he couldn't remain at the Academy and possibly hope to keep his secret.

After a period of trial-and-error along with a few visits to Moria Mactaggert on Muir Island, Scott was given a pair of specially designed ruby quartz sunglasses, which once again allowed him to see, whilst holding back the energy of his optic blasts.

Despite now being able to see again Scott still decided to stay at the Xavier institute, a decision made easier after he laid his red-tinged gaze on fellow student Jean Grey. Scott felt almost instantly attracted to the powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutant. Unfortunately for Scott, years of isolating himself from others for fear of his mutant ability being discovered had left him a bit stunted when it came to approaching women, meaning it would be a while before he would be confessing any feelings to her.

After Scott and Jean more mutants began to follow: the super-healing, metal boned drifter Logan; the teleporting Kurt Wagner, the ice controlling Bobby Drake, and Rogue, with her ability to absorb physical attributes of other people. Ororo Munroe and Hank McCoy also rejoined the institute.

Cyclops commission by phil-cho

Xavier decided to make Scott the leader of the X-men during any "excursions". Though Logan might have possessed more skill, Scott, had learned enough from his time at the Academy, and better represented the attitude and temperament Xavier felt was needed to lead the X-men in the field.

Scott's first trial as leader of the X-men came when Muir Island was attacked by Black Tom Cassidy and Charles step-Brother, Cain Marko, who had become a human juggernaut possessing superhuman strength. Xavier and the X-men arrived to confront the duo.

Despite his incredible strength Scott was able to coordinate the X-men effectively enough to take down Juggernaut, removing his helmet, allowing Charles to put his step-brother in a catatonic state.

Despite often butting heads with Logan (who had disregarded Scott's instructions and recklessly tried to take on Marko head-on) Scott would have more success in the future Scott would have more success in the future. Such as when he lead the team through a game of cat-and-mouse where an infamous YouTube prankster known as Arcade threatened to expose the mutants on his channel.

But things took a drastic turn for the worst when Magneto's Brotherhood made its presence known to the X-men. Mystique and Sabretooth infiltrated the facility where Xavier had held the comatose Marko and after a brief fight with the X-men, were able to release the rampaging superhuman onto the streets of New York.

Scott once again led the X-men against the Juggernaut, and once again managed to subdue him. But the victory felt hollow, the existence of mutants were exposed and the X-men were exposed to the fearful and violent reactions of the human onlookers. To make matters worse the whole thing had been a ruse while the rest of the Brotherhood raided Muir Island to steal schematics and technology related to Cerebro.

Scott and many of the others were angry with Xavier for having hidden the existence of a group of "bad" mutants from them, Scott in particular was extremely frustrated to learn that Xavier  had told Logan before any of them. The reaction of the "normal" humans also seemed to disillusion Scott.

Mystique got wind of Scott's growing doubts, as well as learning with his frustration at not being brave enough to approach Jean, sought to seduce him to the Brotherhood's side. To the rest of the X-men's dismay it seemed to work and an angry Scott defected to Magneto's Brotherhood.

Magneto welcomed the former field-leader of the X-men with open arms, explaining his philosophy that humanity was hopelessly inclined to cruelty and oppression of the other, that humanity would (rightly) see "homo superior" as a natural threat to its privileged position as the world's dominant species. Scott learned that Magneto's plan was to establish a "mutant nation" where they would be free of any homo sapian authority.

Scott learned that "Year Zero" referred to the year when mutants made their presence known to the world and begin their journey to becoming the world's dominant species, starting with the founding of the new mutant nation. Magneto showed Scott a machine, much like Cerebro which would amplify his own Magnetic power across the globe and allow him to seize the Earth's magnetic field, he would then use this power to blackmail the leaders of the top Superpowers into recognizing the mutant nation, or unleash disasters until they did.

Scott attempted to alert Xavier to Magneto's plan but was subdued by Mystique and thrown into a ruby quartz cell. He didn't have to wait long before his fellow X-men infiltrated Magneto's Arctic base. during the fights which broke out throughout the facility as the Brotherhood tried to prevent the X-men from foiling the Year Zero plan.

Scott was found and freed by Jean Grey, who both then received unexpected help from Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, who told them where to find the device that shielded most of the base outside psychics. Scott disabled the device and joined the rest of his team to fight Magneto.

Much like with Juggernaut the strategy became an effort to remove Magneto's helmet so that Charles, using Cerebro could access his mind. Though it was their toughest challenge thus far as a team the X-men pulled it off. Scott ordered the X-men to evacuate while Xavier kept his old friend in place. They managed to escape before a US Navy cruise missile destroyed the base.

Once back home at the X-mansion, with the Brotherhood's leader seemingly dead and most of its members captured or on the run, Charles restored Scott's status as leader and they both revealed to the other X-men that his defection had been a clever ruse to spy on Magneto. Scott's teammates congratulated him on a job-well done, even Logan begrudgingly.

But the most important moment for Scott is when he finally confessed his feelings to Jean, only discover that she'd known all along. For someone who tended to get a bit tongue-tied around her, the telepath wryly observed, he had the habit of "thinking too loud."


Optic blast:
Scott emits a powerful beam of red energy from his eyes. The beam is conclusively destructive, meaning it doesn't burn. He draws the power needed to create the beam into his body by metabolizing ambient energies (solar radiation, photons, cosmic rays...) The beam at full power (which it always is whenever he opens his eyes due to his childhood injury) is extremely powerful, able to knock down walls or send metal doors flying off their hinges.

Energy Resistance:
After his beam was once deflected back at himself he discovered he was immune to it's effects.

Ruby Quartz Visor:
Developed after extensive testing of Scott's abilities by Doctor
Mactaggert, Scott's visor allows him to either completely block his optic beams or unleash them at adjusted levels of strength and intensity. It is an invaluable resource in combat, where his blasts would otherwise be at full power and very difficult to control effectively without major collateral damage.

Competent Pilot and Aeronautical Engineer:
Though he never got to the point of flying planes, Scott studied aeronautical logistics and skills extensively during his time at the Academy. Xavier allowed him to practice in his private jet, which he got the hang of very quickly. After the X-men's defeat of Magneto and Xavier's deal to cooperate with the US Government, the X-men have been promised a more "capable" Ariel transport, one Scott cannot wait to take for a test ride.

Competent Tactician and Strategist:
During his time at the Academy, Scott was taught to develop leadership skills, skills that were put to the test and enhanced during his duties leading the X-men.

Competent Martial Artist
Scott is reasonably skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though he is no match for seasoned martial artists like Mystique.


Power Regulation Disability
Scott is unable to control his optic beams at will due to his head injury, meaning that without the aid of his glasses or visor his optic beams would be unleashed at full-power whenever his eyes were open.

Scott, along with Bobby and Marie is an avid gamer, with his own preference being geared towards FPS, RTS and flight simulators.

Scott studiously avoids alcohol.

Scott will never miss a chance to visit an aviation museum.

Scott was once convinced, mostly during his childhood, that there was more to the plane crash that killed his parents than there seemed to be at first. As he got older he decided these were just the attempts of a traumatized child to rationalize the fact that his parents could have been taken by such a random act.

Scott occasionally has nightmares where he looses his glasses and ends up harming someone he knows, often Jean.

Character art by :iconphil-cho:, Bio by Rufusade, Inspired by :iconroysovitch:


United Kingdom
My main form of artwork is micros.

I'm a terrible artist, wheather it be, traditional, 3D, digital, you name it, I just won't be able to deliver a satisfactory result. I'm trying to improve, but for now, if you want to request anything, please don't expect anything more than a micro.

Micro's are INCREDIBLY easy to make and can be done in minutes if you have the right templates. I know it's a poor alternative to drawing REAL art. put for people like me, who should have paid more attention in art class, it's all we've got.

I'm not a bad writer either, if I can motivate myself I can create something quite... Good (Sorry for the bland choice of words, I'm in a hurry.)

Favourite genre of music: See "Favorite Movie"
Favourite style of art: Those little people I make!
Operating System: Windows 8
Favourite cartoon character: Rolf
Personal Quote: You are trying my patiance, that is not good as I am the son of a shepard! - Rolf


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