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The Winged Horsemen

By Rufus-Jr

For an article of Rik Fox.

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© 2007 - 2021 Rufus-Jr
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What for a beauty!
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Marvellous piece!
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Whoa. O_o Fantastic.
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I would like to use this picture in the history book series I'm editing. Could someone connect me with the artist?

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Dear Rufus Jr.

My name is Ric Dolphin and I am the deputy-editor of a charitable publishing company in Edmonton, Alberta, called the Society to Explore and Record Christian History (SEARCH). We are publishing a 12-volume illustrated history of Christianity and would like to use your Winged Horsemen as an illustration for a chapter on the siege of Vienna. Could you provide us with a high-res digital version of the painting and tell us what the fee would be. We generally pay around US$100.

Ric Dolphin
Edmonton, AB, Canada
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I given an answer to your note some days ago.
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Nice ... old god times ;) Polish heavy cavalery
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Wonderful piece of art! :) I love the coloring of this one and all the details. You also made really good job with horses, not to mention great capturing of the atmosphere of cavalry charge.

Yay for Polish Hussars!
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Thanks for your comment & the fav.
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Very nice work.

Seriously, I think you captured the sheer... "presence" of cavalry as the fighting elite, espescialy the closest rider gives a good impression as to why mot ifantry tended to break and run and faced witha cavalry charge.

Again very nice.
[link] forex expert
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Thanks for your comment.
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Something like this could easy lie get over work and yet you pull it off! Great
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