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:note: 30/04/15: This campaign is now over! All 21 strips have been redrawn as planned by the end of April. Thank you so much for your support! :hug::heart::love:

So guys... I have a bit of a plea to make. XD;;; This has to do with the redrawing of chapter one.

So basically, I'm a little stuck on the whole thing. I don't want to compromise my current update schedule but not having the first chapter redone really bugs me. I'm pretty sure it bugs new readers, too. But redrawing this damn thing takes time, and when I'm not working on SF, I'm working on my novel.

As I'm not working full-time at the moment, I would like to monetise out of SF, but I am wary of doing so without redrawing the first chapter. But because SF doesn't earn me much moolah, I have not too much incentive to redo the first chapter on top of all the other work I am putting into both my novel and the regular updates. See the weird cyclical problem here? >_>;;; At this rate, the first chapter is going to get redrawn by the end of 2017.

A couple of readers have approached me through private messages to suggest I create an incentive for myself by opening up a donation or tip pool specifically for redrawing chapter one. I'm still a bit weirded out by doing this because let's face it - I need to redraw this thing anyway! But the idea presented to me has been, well, if you open up a donation pool then maybe you'll have a reason to get this done faster by using the usual time you spend on the novel by working on the redrawn strips.

I don't really have the drive to redraw the whole 80 pages but I would really like to redraw at least the low-res pencilled strips, which comprise of 21 strips.

So here's my plea: would you guys be interested in helping me out by tipping me enough to redraw the first chapter within the next couple of months? The pages will be available for everyone to see, not just supporters. But by tipping me, I can promise a few things:

1) The first 21 strips will get redrawn within the first quarter of this year (i.e. by the end of April 2015).

2) You will personally receive higher resolution files of the completed strips from me, both with and without text. (I work in very big files. >_>)

3) You will receive an exclusive two-page short that involves Cain and Nemi in Lari Oasis. (This was not on the side-story poll - it was a short I was planning to use in the omake between Chapters Four and Five a long time ago but decided not to do it. And no, it has no bearing on the plot... but it is still canon.)

The redrawn pages will have different layouts but the dialogue will be almost 100% the same, by the way. But hopefully will inflict less pain on the eyeballs. Here are some side-by-side comparison panels between the old and redrawn pages:>_>

You can see the now redrawn strips in full linked at the bottom of this journal entry. :D

It's fine if you don't donate! No worries. The first chapter WILL be redrawn. Eventually. >_>

But if you don't mind giving me a bit of a push, then here's what you can do.

You can donate however much you want and still receive all the incentives I've listed above. Whether it's a dollar or two! So I'll let you decide however much you want to donate.

Second, you can send me a donation through my username at gmail dot com through Paypal.

Third, to keep me accountable, you should drop a comment on this journal in order to let me know you've sent me monies. This will keep things transparent for everyone. If you want to make an anonymous donation you can DA note me and I will make a note of it publicly without saying who you are. XD;

Fourth, I need to know your email account in order to email the necessary incentives I've promised above, so please be sure to let me know that if you do donate!

I will track for you guys how much is going into this, assuming people are actually interested in supporting this little campaign of mine. XD;; And if not, well... THAT'S OKAY GUYS REALLY. XD;;;; This will run until I've redone all 21 strips. Support comes in many forms, and money is only one of them. :) So don't feel obligated!

Alright, that's enough from me! Thank you guys for reading, always. :)

Redrawn strips:
:boing: Strip 001 - Sigh (2015, January 27th)
:boing: Strip 002 - Rawr (2015, February 2nd)
:boing: Strip 003 - Who are you? (2015, February 5th)
:boing: Strip 004 - Squik (2015, February 11th)
:boing: Strip 005 - You can look now (2015, February 16th)
:boing: Strip 006 - Stupid Coco (2015, February 20th)
:boing: Strip 007 - The Curse (2015, March 5th)
:boing: Strip 008 - Business Woman (2015, March 11th)
:boing: Strip 009 - Isn't this extortion? (2015, March 19th)
:boing: Strip 010 - Empty smile (2015, April 2nd)
:boing: Strip 011 - Itsy bitsy curse (2015, April 8th)
:boing: Strip 012 - Barrier (2015, April 15th)
:boing: Strip 013 - A Little Break (2015, April 17th)
:boing: Strip 014 - Mama (2015, April 23rd)
:boing: Strip 015 - Two Heartbeats (2015, April 24th)
:boing: Strip 016 - One Heartbeat (2015, April 25th)
:boing: Strip 017 - Giant Batmole (2015, April 26th)
:boing: Strip 018 - Sorry to wake you (2015, April 27th)
:boing: Strip 019 - One Blow (2015, April 28th)
:boing: Strip 020 - She meant it (2015, April 29th)
:boing: Strip 021 - What have I gotten myself into? (2015, April 30th)
:boing: Strip 022 - Stupid thing's tail (2015, June 29th) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 023 - It was only a baby (2015, July 22nd) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 024 - What's the point? (2015, August 4th) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 025 - Heads up (2015, August 18th) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 026 - Ueh... (2015, August 21st) (Post-campaign)

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I may need to do this as well

Looking back, my art is awful... and the worst pasrt is, I thought I was pretty good back then.