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Serpamia Flare RPG Demo Playthrough

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 5:36 AM
So I hit Serpamia Flare's 400th strip this week, and in celebration of it my sister and I prepared a video playthrough of a project she worked on for my birthday this year: the Serpamia Flare RPG!

Please click here to watch the video!

I hope you guys enjoy it! :D

Can't upload anything new onto DA

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 21, 2015, 2:16 AM
Hey guys, I have no idea why, but I can't seem to upload deviations on DA at the moment. It keeps telling me that it is failing to upload anything to the st.ash when I am not actually using st.ash (and therefore have 10GB free out of 10GB from my st.ash =_=...) and reverting back to an empty upload template. I just tried searching the Help desk at DA and got no where.

I emptied my cache and deleted various other bits of data to see if it would fix anything but it does nothing. Even tried using different browsers and incognito windows but it's just being a complete buttock and I can't figure out the problem.

So for the time being, no Serpamia Flare or any other updates until I can work out what the problem is. All updates on Serpamia Flare can be seen on the original website if need be. If anyone has any idea on how to resolve the issue, please let me know. Thank you! ;_;

Support Serpamia Flare on Patreon!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 11, 2015, 7:54 PM
I finally launched a Patreon account! But it's super simple. XD;

If you'd like to hear my dorky voice for whatever reason, you can hear it on the video on the Patreon page, at the very least. XD;;;

:heart: Thank you very much for your support, whether it's financial or just plainly by reading the comic and letting me know you're enjoying it! :love:

Character Interview with Nemi (SF)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 19, 2015, 2:56 AM
Hellu, another character interview meme~! I was tagged by Serpy with this one kindasorta (she basically suckered anyone who read her journal entry into being tagged automatically if they had an OC, LOL) so! Here we go, though it took me a while to get around to it! XD;

Tagged by :iconheserpenty:

1)Choose one or more of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Feel free to help them along
4) Then, tag three people. Rufi edit! ^^; Sorry, not huge on tagging.
5) feel free to add some questions of your own.

Let's put Nemi on the hotseat~!

Alright, that's it! :D Feel free to do the quiz with your own OCs if you feel like it!

Character Interview with Michael (SF)

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 17, 2015, 12:57 AM
Character interview! I was tagged by Spellu~! :D
Putting Michael from Serpamia Flare in the hotseat!

Meme by :icongalaxy-doodler:
Tagged by: :iconspelledeg:

Here be the rules:
1) You must answer as your character, the character can be an actual OC or from a fandom. It doesn't matter.
2) You have to tag 3 people when you are finished. *Sowee, Rufi edit XD*
3) You can either send me a link when you're done, or simply credit me in the journal.
4) You may use up to three characters if you want, but one is recommended.
5) Your character may not harm the interviewer until the end of the interview.

Uhmu... I'm not super into tagging, and I feel like most people who I could tag who I know would enjoy it have actually already done this (lol) so I think I'll leave it for people who want to do it. Maybe leave a link if you do? XD;

Thanks for the tag, Spellu, and for the fun quiz, Silvur~ :heart:

The Lethian - Pre-orders closed!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 9:17 AM
The Lethian - Pre-orders are now closed!

Thank you so much for your support everyone!!

I will be drawing winners for the raffle this Sunday! There will be one winner for the full-colour A4-resolution commission from me, one coloured sketch and simple one-colour sketches. Thank you for participating!!

Samples of the kind of commission you can get from me:
The Lethian - Finally by rufiangel Je-Re-My Gift Art by rufiangel Secret Santa 2014 - Cedric (Two Hearts) by rufiangel V-Day Crossover Exchange - Seia x Char by rufiangel
So long as it's SFW and fits within A4 dimensions, it's good! (And you should probably avoid asking me to draw anything mecha. XD;; But otherwise!)

If you do any of the following:
- Tweet the campaign link (…) in your Twitter account
- Re-Tweet the campaign link from my original Tweet (optionally can Re-Tweet this one too)
- Like the Facebook page (which is over here!)
- Share the pre-order campaign post on the Facebook page
- Post the campaign link on your own Facebook page (either personal or group)
- Post the campaign link on your DA journal

- Do any of the above with the trailer links instead of the campaign link:
:bulletblue: YouTube link here
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:bulletblue: Optionally, you can reblog this tumblr post

- Share this journal link on your own DA journal

- ... and potentially other actions I may be missing, please feel free to suggest things to me as I am not as savvy in Social Media as I'd like to be ^^;

For each item, you will gain one ticket to put into the pool to win a commission from me. :) I will draw from it randomly at the end of May!

To confirm your ticket, take screenshots or link to your actions and post them in the comments of this journal, please! And if you have any questions, feel free to drop them into the comments as well. :love:

EDIT: You may also let me know through PMs, Facebook or Twitter as well. :D

EDIT: This pre-order campaign is over, but when the book is published I may do another similar campaign, so please keep an eye out. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your support!! :heart:

Serpamia Flare - Redrawing Chapter One Campaign

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 3:36 AM

:note: 30/04/15: This campaign is now over! All 21 strips have been redrawn as planned by the end of April. Thank you so much for your support! :hug::heart::love:

So guys... I have a bit of a plea to make. XD;;; This has to do with the redrawing of chapter one.

So basically, I'm a little stuck on the whole thing. I don't want to compromise my current update schedule but not having the first chapter redone really bugs me. I'm pretty sure it bugs new readers, too. But redrawing this damn thing takes time, and when I'm not working on SF, I'm working on my novel.

As I'm not working full-time at the moment, I would like to monetise out of SF, but I am wary of doing so without redrawing the first chapter. But because SF doesn't earn me much moolah, I have not too much incentive to redo the first chapter on top of all the other work I am putting into both my novel and the regular updates. See the weird cyclical problem here? >_>;;; At this rate, the first chapter is going to get redrawn by the end of 2017.

A couple of readers have approached me through private messages to suggest I create an incentive for myself by opening up a donation or tip pool specifically for redrawing chapter one. I'm still a bit weirded out by doing this because let's face it - I need to redraw this thing anyway! But the idea presented to me has been, well, if you open up a donation pool then maybe you'll have a reason to get this done faster by using the usual time you spend on the novel by working on the redrawn strips.

I don't really have the drive to redraw the whole 80 pages but I would really like to redraw at least the low-res pencilled strips, which comprise of 21 strips.

So here's my plea: would you guys be interested in helping me out by tipping me enough to redraw the first chapter within the next couple of months? The pages will be available for everyone to see, not just supporters. But by tipping me, I can promise a few things:

1) The first 21 strips will get redrawn within the first quarter of this year (i.e. by the end of April 2015).

2) You will personally receive higher resolution files of the completed strips from me, both with and without text. (I work in very big files. >_>)

3) You will receive an exclusive two-page short that involves Cain and Nemi in Lari Oasis. (This was not on the side-story poll - it was a short I was planning to use in the omake between Chapters Four and Five a long time ago but decided not to do it. And no, it has no bearing on the plot... but it is still canon.)

The redrawn pages will have different layouts but the dialogue will be almost 100% the same, by the way. But hopefully will inflict less pain on the eyeballs. Here are some side-by-side comparison panels between the old and redrawn pages:>_>

You can see the now redrawn strips in full linked at the bottom of this journal entry. :D

It's fine if you don't donate! No worries. The first chapter WILL be redrawn. Eventually. >_>

But if you don't mind giving me a bit of a push, then here's what you can do.

You can donate however much you want and still receive all the incentives I've listed above. Whether it's a dollar or two! So I'll let you decide however much you want to donate.

Second, you can send me a donation through my username at gmail dot com through Paypal.

Third, to keep me accountable, you should drop a comment on this journal in order to let me know you've sent me monies. This will keep things transparent for everyone. If you want to make an anonymous donation you can DA note me and I will make a note of it publicly without saying who you are. XD;

Fourth, I need to know your email account in order to email the necessary incentives I've promised above, so please be sure to let me know that if you do donate!

I will track for you guys how much is going into this, assuming people are actually interested in supporting this little campaign of mine. XD;; And if not, well... THAT'S OKAY GUYS REALLY. XD;;;; This will run until I've redone all 21 strips. Support comes in many forms, and money is only one of them. :) So don't feel obligated!

Alright, that's enough from me! Thank you guys for reading, always. :)

Redrawn strips:
:boing: Strip 001 - Sigh (2015, January 27th)
:boing: Strip 002 - Rawr (2015, February 2nd)
:boing: Strip 003 - Who are you? (2015, February 5th)
:boing: Strip 004 - Squik (2015, February 11th)
:boing: Strip 005 - You can look now (2015, February 16th)
:boing: Strip 006 - Stupid Coco (2015, February 20th)
:boing: Strip 007 - The Curse (2015, March 5th)
:boing: Strip 008 - Business Woman (2015, March 11th)
:boing: Strip 009 - Isn't this extortion? (2015, March 19th)
:boing: Strip 010 - Empty smile (2015, April 2nd)
:boing: Strip 011 - Itsy bitsy curse (2015, April 8th)
:boing: Strip 012 - Barrier (2015, April 15th)
:boing: Strip 013 - A Little Break (2015, April 17th)
:boing: Strip 014 - Mama (2015, April 23rd)
:boing: Strip 015 - Two Heartbeats (2015, April 24th)
:boing: Strip 016 - One Heartbeat (2015, April 25th)
:boing: Strip 017 - Giant Batmole (2015, April 26th)
:boing: Strip 018 - Sorry to wake you (2015, April 27th)
:boing: Strip 019 - One Blow (2015, April 28th)
:boing: Strip 020 - She meant it (2015, April 29th)
:boing: Strip 021 - What have I gotten myself into? (2015, April 30th)
:boing: Strip 022 - Stupid thing's tail (2015, June 29th) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 023 - It was only a baby (2015, July 22nd) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 024 - What's the point? (2015, August 4th) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 025 - Heads up (2015, August 18th) (Post-campaign)
:boing: Strip 026 - Ueh... (2015, August 21st) (Post-campaign)

The Lethian - Progress Report

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 14, 2015, 10:11 PM

Okay, I'm kind of posting this because I wanted that stupid-long LoK rant I wrote to stop being on my front page. XD;;;

But also, yes, to note that I am very nearly finished with The Lethian's final, final manuscript. When it's done and I can start the publishing process, it's going to be one heck of a ride. I'm not sure I can be working on SF as much as I want to but I'll try my best, since redrawing that first chapter is important, too.

Anyway, this manuscript should be done before the end of next week. THE END OF NEXT WEEK HOMG. Then I can start working on lots of promo-art and things and finally start revealing to everyone what the heck I've been working on the past three years.

I'm excited!! :D

What I hated about Legend of Korra Season 4

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2014, 4:13 PM
Let's get some disclaimers out of the way.

:note: SPOILER ALERT!! Please do NOT read this journal if you have not seen LoK Season 4 and you do NOT want to be spoiled!! SPOILER ALERT!!

Have we got that out of the way? Good. Then here's another important disclaimer.

I am NOT writing this journal entry to be hating on LoK. The only reason I am writing this journal entry is because I personally love LoK and the general Avatar: Last Airbender series. I loved the fourth season's action and animation. Seriously, it was a beautiful thing to watch. Don't get me wrong on that. I have an incredibly critical mind for this show not because I don't like it - far from it. It's because I have such high expectations and hope for this show that I can be critical about it at all. Let's just say my expectations of LoK have been very low from the first season, lower still after second season, raised quite high after third season and then... well, crash-burned after watching the fourth.

So this entry is for anyone else who watched the show, saw the fourth season finale and somehow... felt unsettled. Felt like something was missing, something really important, and just felt cheated out of what could have been an amazing ending and instead got this bad taste in your mouth. This entry is really not for people who loved the fourth season, because if you did, then this entry is going to annoy you and that's not my intention. I don't want to convince people that the fourth season was a bad one if you liked it. If you liked it - good on you!! Seriously. Go ahead and take that warm and fluffy feeling with you and don't read on.

But if you didn't like it and you couldn't quite put your finger on why, or you do know why and you want further validation for your opinion, then please read on.

I watched this fourth season over one weekend so it was neatly packaged for me without a grueling wait between episodes. Now, I could talk about a LOT of things that I thought were severely lacking from the show. I could talk about the very weak villain that Kuvira made, especially compared to villains of the last season. I could yawn at the meandering and kind of boring main plot of the 'great unification' of the Earth Empire that ultimately led to a very narrow focus of plot instead of an epic scale. I could discuss the other main introspective plot of Korra's journey to conquer her fears that were ultimately resolved by the nonsensical partnership struck with Zahir of all people which is arguably one of the worst plot resolutions I have ever seen in terms of trying to fix someone's problem with a weak link or illogical reasoning on the (ex-)villain's behalf. I could seriously rage about the lack of tactical expertise by employed the good guys so they just look both stupid and lame. I could really just complain about a LOT of things in this show that really wrecked things that could have been great but rendered them either just good, mediocre or plain terrible.

But none of these are - surprisingly - the main reason I came away from the show feeling pretty weird, and I mean that in a bad way. I kept feeling like I'd been cheated out of something, and it took me quite a while to figure out exactly what it was. So I'm going to talk about that one thing and just try to get it out of my system.

Let's talk about Korra's character development.

Yes, I know. Her character development was in the hands of many different writers, who all seem to have had many different ideas about who Korra really was. It drives me up the wall to see the inconsistency between seasons - and I don't mean that the fact she changed every season was a problem, because she definitely should. That is what character development is! Korra matures as an Avatar throughout the seasons because that's the whole point. But my question is, how believable are these developments and really, what can viewers learn from Korra's maturation stages?

Now, I could start from season one, but I feel like that's unnecessary. Let's just start straight from season four because in my humble opinion, many of the problems that were sparked from season one and two were actually tackled in season three and fixed to some extent. And by the end of season three, we had an amazing Korra to work with. She had been kicked down, lost much of her purpose in life, and couldn't even walk. The final tear down her cheek indicated how broken she was, and season four was bound to be a time Korra would have to learn to get up again.

So let's see. We begin at season four with an episode entirely without Korra. We watch how the world has been changing during the absence of the Avatar for three years, and I think the episode covers a great deal and builds anticipation for readers to see Korra again. When we don't see her, the tension is built in a good way.

Second episode then covers the three years of rehab and Korra's weakened state of mind. Now here, I think the writing was not bad. If anything, Korra's pain was so palpably felt, I feel that this episode packed a great punch. Her fears and descent into utter isolation somehow made sense. The problems, however, also start to arise in this episode, which is bad because this is the first episode Korra appears in this season, and it is not a good start.

We understand - it's not subtle - that her greatest fear is to be hurt. The reason she isolates herself so entirely from her family and friends appears to be because she is too afraid to confront her own fears. She sees her fear manifest in both purely psychological and also phyiscal ways. But when she gets fed up and tries to tackle her fears, she ends up running again because it hurts her, and then tries to chase them again, and then runs away again. She keeps seeing old villains that haunt her and we see that she has never really shed the pain they inflicted upon her, and much of what Korra has been doing is putting up a strong front.

I'm cool with that. Plot-wise, we get the idea that Korra is blind to her own actual problem. She sees visions, sees fears and recognises that she is terribly afraid, and feels that the only way she can conquer her fears is to bulldoze them down with violence as she's done with problems many times in the past. She can't even sense metal in her own body even though she learnt metal-bending in the third season.

Hmm, wait a minute. This sounds like... Korra hasn't really grown. Hmm.

Of all people Korra meets to try and improve her situation, she meets Toph. Toph is insensitive to Korra's emotional state, beats her around like a ragdoll despite the fact Korra has been through physical rehab just six months prior, and in addressing the crux of Korra's situation tells her that she is the only one who can help herself.

Hmm, wait a minute. This sounds like... Korra's decision to isolate herself was entirely correct. She is the only one who can help herself. So... huh? Why did she need Toph again? Oh, to beat the crap out of her. That's right.

So we get this idea that Korra can really only help herself... only to see her cry as Tenzin's kids come to help her, and for Toph to say, kid, you've been disconnected from the world for too long and that's your problem.


Anyway. Korra is forced to face her fears because she is told she is desperately needed. Again, I have issues with this because we just saw Korra whinge about the world needing her and Toph telling her to get over herself. But instead of really getting the time to mull this over, she is forced back to action because apparently she is right. But let's ignore that for now.

Korra pulls the metal out of her body, and apparently by doing so she proved she was able to overcome her fears of getting hurt and grow past the need to blame something for her situation. (Never mind the fact she didn't know about the poison residue still in her body and really couldn't have blamed it anyway out loud. I mean, whatever.) Now she can get into the Avatar State, something that she was extremely afraid of doing - understandably - after being forced into it by Zahir so he could murder her and end the Avatar line forever.

Here's where things get really tricky. Korra is still afraid. She makes the rash decision to fight Kuvira but loses because she cannot overcome her fears.

Waaaait a minute. What? She still hasn't ov... then how did she get the metal out of her body? ... Did she just overcome parts of her fears? How? Which parts? Why does she see the same damn vision over and over if it's a different part of her fears?

And why does this fear trigger just when she is about to win the fight with Kuvira? It would have been totally understandable if this fear had surfaced in an ugly way while she's getting beaten up the whole time before she enters the Avatar State. Instead, this fear only hits her when she's about to win. It's... It's almost like it's just some weird convenient timing to break the plot so Korra can't win just at this crucial juncture. To show that her fear is crippling her even when she is physically able to win... at the cost of logical coherency of what Korra JUST DID.


Anyway, Korra gets her ass kicked again because we apparently haven't seen enough of that, and then proceeds to fly away to figure something out. Korra is just lost and doesn't understand what about her fears she cannot conquer. We are back to suffering Korra who cannot kick ass like before because she is an emotional cripple, not a physical one.

In other words, we are back to square one.

Don't get me wrong, setbacks are realistic and Korra can't easily conquer her fears the way Aang did because she is a different kind of character. But these setbacks happen HALFWAY through the show and seem to be absolutely necessary for the bad guys to continue their path of destruction. We are forced to watch Korra struggle with the same damn thing for many episodes, but here's the nice part: she is finally back with family and friends halfway through the show, and so since they made this whole point about Korra needing to be back with friends and family so she can be connected again, we can expect her to utilise that connection and learn how to beat her fears back.

But no, that would have been too easy.

Korra's character development here begins to seriously drag in the mud because Korra suddenly refuses to share any of her problems with anyone. Sure, she shared some of her personal issues with Asami at the start of the show, but she rarely talks to Asami after this point - it is only at the end that she shares her retrospective thoughts with her. She sees Tenzin but doesn't want to talk to him because she feels she has lost his faith, respect and trust. She sees Mako but - while taking him around with her or going to where he is at - doesn't have anything to tell him that she is personally struggling with. In fact, she opens up to no one except Zahir.

Did you catch that?

Korra doesn't open up to anyone except the greatest enemy she has faced thus far, and trusts him enough to lead her into the spirit world.

I can't get over this as a plot development, but to think of what it means for Korra's character development is even worse. What it means is this: Korra has learnt nothing from anything she has suffered through regarding what it means to:

1) Connect back with your family and friends in a significant way, and
2) Find a way to resolve the issue of conquering her fears on her own.

Instead, she refuses to open up to anyone about the real crux of her problems, pushes them away in a fit of hurt pride because she lost to Kuvira and instead of trying to conquer her fears on her own like Toph told her she had to try to do, has someone handhold her through it - much like any spiritual problems she had back in season two. She can meditate on her own but fails to get anything done, even when she travels to the spirit world itself in the flesh, so apparently she needs Zahir - the guy who tried to kill her - to hold her hand and despite the fact he screwed her over royally the last time she met him in the spirit world, somehow trusts him enough to do this. Oh, apparently she can trust him because he doesn't like Kuvira. Yay, same enemy.

Weak. That's what I call that reasoning.

But now I'm digressing back to badly woven plot threads when I really want to focus on Korra, so let me get back to that.

In the spirit world, Korra finds Raava in herself again, which was unexplained but an extremely important event that was utterly glossed over in three seconds. The writers don't seem to realise the significance of finding Raava again. Finding her centres Korra once more because it is the very core of who the Avatar is (the unflinching desire to continue to try, no matter how long it takes, to balance the world and bring good to it) and brings peace herself. And apparently, Raava was always in her.

... Because when we saw her get ripped out of Korra, that didn't count as anything. Apparently.

Argh, digressing again. (Just so many things wrong with... *sigh*) Korra finds her peace, is able to fully embrace contact with the spiritual world and resurfaces with a sense of being whole again. And now that she feels this way, she doesn't mind sharing her feelings with other people. And now, since she feels totally cool again with herself, she is ready and raring to go beat up Kuvira!


Let's rewind a little bit.

Remember when Korra first goes to try and talk some sense into Kuvira, trying to find a diplomatic solution instead of a violent one? Maybe she was trying to avoid conflict because she was afraid. She goes out of her way to tell viewers that the 'old Korra' would have been all violent, but this new Korra is much more calm and less prone to brainless ways of resolving conflict. But maybe she only said that to cover up the real reason she's trying to be all diplomatic all of sudden - she's just trying to hide her fears.

Either way, this was a very important thing Korra tries to do - to resolve the situation with just talk, because it really wasn't what the 'old Korra' would have done. It shows character growth! But immediately after her attempts to fix up a peaceful truce, the impatient and rash actions of Su and her twins result in a completely justified aggressive response from Kuvira that breaks the truce before it can even begin. So Korra rashly decides to fight Kuvira and gets her ass kicked.

Let's think about what that means. Could the writers be trying to... I don't know... prove that rash actions and violence are not good ways to resolve conflicts?

But after feeling that Kuvira cannot be reasoned with, Korra goes back to her usual mode of conflict resolution and in the final fight of the finale, she decides she will go after Kuvira and force her to submit.

In other words, the writers force Korra to the point she doesn't actually seem to truly learn from her suffering. Think about it. Korra's suffering helps her realise over time what it means to feel desperately weak and afraid. She understands that the receiving end of pain results in all this anguish. She was subjugated to some psycho's desire to kill her over and over again, very physically and emotionally. Exerting force is supposed to be her last resort, and her attempt to get Kuvira to step down using her fiancee is apparently indicative of this.

But in all of Korra's decisions, none of them work except the one to beat Kuvira back down. As though to say that rash actions and violence on Korra's part are really the only way to resolve conflicts after all. And it's okay now because she's 'whole' again! Yay!

No. Seriously. Korra has never been a killer from the start. She would have saved Kuvira at the end scene where she protected her from the Giant Purple Death Ray regardless of her compassion levels, because Korra's instincts have never been vindictive. From season one, Korra has shown viewers that she is brash, stubborn and violent, but she is most definitely not a killer and has shown she is willing to talk to old enemies. Kuvira seems to think she has personally wronged Korra and wonders why Korra would help someone like her, but if you really look at it, the only thing Kuvira did was beat the crap out of Korra in an entirely justified way. The two have political reasons to fight but not very personal ones.

And that's the major problem with Korra's growth as a character in this season, because in the end, her growth isn't all that personal. She's lost the whole time for a good reason, but doesn't quite get found for any good reason. What we see is not a growth fostered by learning from past villains, as Korra has been advised to do, but rather a 'growth' absolutely forced by circumstance and yet staggered by Korra's inability to really connect with those around her. Korra is afraid of being hurt and isolates herself, but in choosing to connect back with people, to care about them once more and put their needs first, we are supposed to see Korra reach out, humble herself to her friends and show that she is willing to grow and let herself be helped to grow. But we don't see a single indication of this. She talks to her friends only to actually make plans to defeat Kuvira. All we see is an isolated Korra who is handheld by decidedly not-so-compassionate (if not outright villainous) people and at the end, she is only willing to share her feelings in retrospect.

In fact, the only person she connects with is Asami, apparently. The two of them head off into the spirit world at the end, which seems to indicate that... well... Korra doesn't really want to open up to anyone except Asami. Which means... what, exactly? ... It means Korra has no real friends to connect with on an intimate level except for one person. (I'm not going to go into KorrAsami here but let's just accept that the writers were gunning for that pairing and move on.) Way to isolate Korra, writers, and basically prove that she isn't willing to be vulnerable to anyone except one real friend. Yay.

So THAT was the underlying major reason I just couldn't bring myself to love season four, but instead find myself really hating this part about it. Korra deserved something better than this. She deserved to learn how to cope with her problems by getting helped by people who could really care about her and love on her. She deserved to learn that she was needed not because she was the Avatar but because she was Korra, a person with real personality who was genuinely loved by people for her heart. She deserved to be someone who conquered her fears on the basis of true self-discovery and love-fostered growth.

She didn't deserve season four.

... WOW that is an ESSAY I compiled there! Anyway, I think I got it out of my system. Feel free to disagree and convince me otherwise if you so wish, though like I said at the start - this journal isn't intended to make fans of season four angry, it's really just for my personal venting space. Whew.

Project list - End of 2014 Report

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 12:27 AM
Hmm, it's been a productive year sorta. XD; Let's see...

I've been able to keep to my three-a-week update schedule all year for Serpamia Flare, meaning I drew 130+ strips this year with around 10 separate updates of omake/bonus content. Whew! It'd be nice to be able to do this for a living. XD; Click on the banner to go to the website, or if you want to see the DA version of things, please head on over to The Serpamia Flare Journal Entry. :love:

This was 'Legend' previously but has now been renamed to a less generic and much more appropriate title: 'The Lethian'. (I have a gallery on DA too.) I am still working on the manuscript but I'm not too fussed now because it's pretty much done. After the final round it's done. I'm looking at a January 2015 release, so look out for promotional updates from me soon. :D

Gah, I really wanted to get this done this year but I didn't manage. Still, it's on my to-do list - expect some work on it early next year for sure!

Apodrasi is still on the backburner, but I did work on it a little bit in the summer to blow off some writing steam in between heavy edits and rewrites of my novel. I got half of Micah's route done, basically, so the writing and coding is... hmm... 75% done? This is probably going to be my next major project once the novel is done. :)

This is mainly to track my progress (or lack thereof OTL) but if you guys have any questions I'm absolutely happy to answer them. :) Have a merry Christmas y'all~~~! <3


Sun Oct 19, 2014, 6:59 AM
I'm trying out livestreaming today for the next few hours! Working on Monday's Serpamia Flare strip, so please feel free to come hang out and lurk. :) And chat, too!

EDIT: Livestream has ended, but thank you for popping by! :)

Skin by huina

Ongoing Projects

Thu Jan 9, 2014, 10:46 PM
Here's an overview of all of my active projects on hand (save for, perhaps, Apodrasi). Please click on the banners to get more information. :love:

Serpamia Flare is my webcomic that I have been updating three times a week since the beginning of 2013! Click on the link to go to the website, or if you want to see the DA version of things, please head on over to The Serpamia Flare Journal Entry I have! :love:

The working title is 'Legend', but most likely the final title will be different. In the meantime, though, this is a novel I have been writing and am close to completing as I work on the third round of edits. This is a pure labour of love I have been working on since several years ago, and I hope to complement as much of the book as I can with illustrations. Website will hopefully be up soon!

As usual, Speechless continues to be on my agenda. It's a visual novel produced by Visualins and I am the artist for this project. Unfortunately, with Serpamia Flare and Legend taking up a bulk of my time, I've barely found the time to work on the CGs required of me. So far I've done around three CGs, and there are several more to go. Whenever I have time, though, I do my best to crank one out. I'll be doing the sprites and BGs too. Hopefully I'll get this done within this year, if not by the summer!

Apodrasi is a visual novel I have been working on in my spare time, or whenever I get bored of writing my novel. It's a fantasy-otome with lots of mystery sprinkled into it, and I'm around two thirds of the way through with coding and writing it. The art assets for it are no where near done, as I've been prioritising Speechless over it, but hopefully when I do get around to it (perhaps around summer?) I will be able to make a fairly polished game. I hope, anyway! This one is on the backburner, but likely to be put right back on the front again as soon as time frees up for me.

These are the projects I have on hand as 2014 kicks off. I hope to be able to complete them all within this year. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments on any of the projects, and I'll be delighted to answer :D:heart:

Oh, by the way... I have a tumblr account that I rarely use, but if people like that kinda thing, please head on over and check it out? >_>a

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Project list

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 3:25 AM

Kind of for myself and also for anyone else interested (perchance), I'll write a bit on what I've been working on lately. On a more personal note, I was recently made unemployed, so I've been trying to see if I can use this time to be creative and see if I can't make some progress on the things I've always been intermittently working on.

:bulletblue: Serpamia Flare
I've committed to continue work on SF, the most longstanding strip I have on DA. I've been working on it for years, and it hasn't even gone past the first chapter, which is sort of stupid. But now that I have the time, I've started to colour and letter in inks that I completed ages ago. As it is, I've been doing my best to commit to at least one update a week for SF. The navigation link can be found here. Of course, at this rate, I'll be done with the story by the time I'm a hundred, so I think once I'm done with the first chapter I will probably rework how I'm actually creating the strip to make it quicker.

:bulletred: Legend
Legend is a story I've had in mind since I was in high school. It's evolved an awful lot over the years, and I uploaded one or two sketches I did of the story on DA here and here. I started writing a novelisation of the story I initially intended as a graphic novel over a year ago, and surprisingly found that it worked quite well for me. I won't know how well others will take it until I complete the manuscript, but so far I  have around 50,000 words down, with plenty more to go considering the complexity of the story. However, I've committed myself to working on it a little bit every day so I can have a completed manuscript soon. If I publish this story I want it to be a fully illustrated work.

:bulletgreen: Fragility
Fragility is currently on hold as I try to focus more on SF and Legend for now. I'm still not sure about the format I'll work Fragility into, because I've also worked a good portion of Fragility into novel form as well, but for now, I've decided to wait for inspiration to re-strike me regarding the story before I start seriously reworking the whole thing.

:bulletpurple: Visual Novels
I haven't really been able to share much on this as I wasn't sure how things would pan out, but so far I am pretty sure one kinetic novel I'm doing the art for will be completed, and another project depends on my ability to actually focus and draw backgrounds (which I generally despise but need practice with). When the kinetic novel is developed a bit further, I'll be able to share more about it here, and if it gets completed I'll be able to share the link with you guys. :D

These are the main projects I have in mind at the moment. New ones may appear according to the whimsy of my muse, but definitely I hope to be able to continually update progress on SF and Legend. We'll see how it goes.

:note: As a side note, I'm quite open to commissions right now, if perchance anyone wants to commission me. As I did for my Japan fundraiser (which you can refer to to find examples of donation incentives I did), I can do full colour pieces for around $20 USD a piece, though the price may vary depending on the complexity. Also open to doing sketches for around $5-10 USD, also depending on the complexity. Please DevNote me if you are interested.

The entry where I have a ton of random shout-outs.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 7:09 AM

It's already nearing Christmas season once more and the awesome Brimmy is doing a Christmas card exchange again! :love: (Please pop over to :iconthumbjr: if you're interested, there are still slots left open.)

Also, just played X-note, a really beautiful and haunting visual-novel-blended-with-dating-sim game. I played for Yuon first and thought he was perfect, and then I played for Anon and was blown away by all the huge reveals in the plot. It's the first time I've actually played this sort of game and gotten bad endings (like, you die, or someone dies anyway) and thought they were amazing, hahaha. The artwork is just AMAZING in the game. I keep gazing at it and thinking how beautiful it is. Zeiva also has a devart account (:iconzeiva:) so it's an instant watch on my end, especially since they've already created several really lovely games already! (Waiting for Area-X with lots of anticipation. :heart:)

In other news, if you guys are interested in contests, I'd like to poke out two for you:
Train Your Brain Contest, hosted on deviantart itself, and
Manga Audition - Silent Comic Audition, hosted by Comic Zenon.

I'm considering entering one or both but I thought they were pretty interesting and worthy of some extra attention. Not that my journal is the place for it exactly, but if you do happen to read this, I encourage you to spread the links out and get somebody's creative juices flowing out there if not your own so some really awesome entries can get entered!

I think it's about time I did that thing where I do my utmost to upload something new every day to get my drawing hand back into practice. There are a ton of things I want to get started before the end of the year so I should jumpstart things with a good spark and get going!

It's getting pretty cold now in Hong Kong (well, relatively; I'm aware that 18 degrees Celcius is hardly 'cold' in other parts of the world) so I need to find a way to snuggle up warmly and draw at the same time...

Japan Fundraiser

Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2012, 8:30 AM

:heart: I raised everything I need to go on this trip. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :glomp:

I'll be in Japan from August 10th to August 19th for a short-term mission trip! On it, I'll be on a team to spread love by doing the following:

:bulletpurple: Thanks to you guys, I have enough funds to go! I love you! :heart: :love: The donation tracker I used on this journal didn't just include money I had received with this art drive, but the huge rush of donations people gave out of incredible generosity. I am amazed and blown away by the sheer number of people who chose to bless me with their love. I did do other things, such as busk on the street, bake cookies and lemon tarts, sell lemonade and so on... but a vast majority of funds I raised came simply from others willing to give. Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU. I will let you guys know how the trip went once I get back! :D

Donation Incentives

:heart: A huge shout out of love to :iconjackr: for donating enough to claim two incentives!! :glomp::heart: Thank you so much! :love: :la:
Thank you Jackr for your generosity!! :love: God bless you ten times over!! :heart:
Higurashi - Rena by rufiangel Higurashi - Shion/Mion by rufiangel

:heart: Self-portrait for my friend, Y-chan; thank you, Y-chan! :hug:
Lily of the field by rufiangel

:heart: Koi for my friend Fi-chan! Thankyeeew!! :glomp::heart:
Circle-Koi by rufiangel

:heart: And finally, an abstract self-portrait with :iconcaesura1107:'s kitty :D Thank you so much, dear!! :hug::heart:
It's raining fish, hallellujah by rufiangel

:bulletpurple: And with that, it's a wrap! Thank you SO MUCH for your support! God bless you all!

Getting back into the swing of things isn't as rough as I'd expected. Once I got my scanner set up and CS5 installed all proper, it took a while, but I finally managed to settle it all in.

I think inking stuff has been the biggest pain in the butt so far, but CS5 has some great features that make it tons easier to ink more fluidly with my tablet, so I'm breaking it in nicely. It will take me a while to get faster at it, though. I've so far spent what feels like five hours just inking a simple piece of chapter cover art. Gotta speed up while retaining quality!

Anyway, once I complete the chapter cover art I'm working on, I'll start with SF again. It's been years since I've updated it, so it's a little weird to think about working on it again, but it's my baby and I'm going to get down to it whether it's ready for me or not.

The Legend of Korra is a fun show, too, and inspires me plenty for MaKorra so expect some fanart there, too! :heart:
I haven't been updating for a while - a LONG while - but I wanted to drop a note and say, actually, I'm alive! I'm not really sure how to re-enter the scene again. I hate doing things half-heartedly, but maybe half-heartedly is better than nothing at all.

So recently, I've been drawing for work. A LOT. I've used up three of my graphical inking pens. On the bright side, I'm getting some drawing practice done while I do this artwork for the company, but on the downside... well, I guess I oughtn't complain.

Aside from that, I did the biggest project I've ever made myself do and completed a short story under fifty pages to submit to the MMIC. It was so crazy I barely managed to get it in on the day of the deadline, and honestly, I'm not sure I managed to do a decent enough job of it. If only I had more time...! It all happened at the same time as this massive deadline at work and a huge thanksgiving revival at church, so everything was extremely chaotic and sleep-deprived. After all that hectic stuff, though, I realised that it's true that 'busy-ness is laziness'. I've just been giving excuses. The truth is, I'm perfectly capable of drawing and updating all the time, even with a full-time job and a handful of commitments. It's a matter of willpower and sacrifice of sleep and manga obsession, lol.

On the creative side of things, though, I did get around 30k worth of a story down for NaNoWriMo (yes, I attempted and failed - again - this year) and I finally completed a fanfic that I started in 2004. It took me seven years to complete a twenty chapter story! Ridiculous! But I was really glad I finished it. Because 2004 is also around the time I started uploading Serpamia Flare onto DeviantArt. If I picked up my fanfic and finished it in seven years, I can pick up SF and start working on it properly again as well. Time is no measure for how much passion or drive we have for something. It's really a matter of choice.

So anyway, this ramble simply serves to somehow mark my place and show that I'm not out of the scene, I'm just lurking very, very deeply under the surface. And sooner or later, I will emerge, and with myself I will bring a great deal of stuff!

Now, first things first... I need to buy a new scanner because my old one won't work on my new laptop. Drats!

Christmas Wish List Up!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 2, 2009, 6:08 AM

:megaphone: Corkboard! :megaphone:

:note: I was going to do this spectacular animation of my avatar blinking, raising her eyebrows, and then laughing in a jolly manner as multi-coloured lights blinked merrily in a festoon around the head. By the time I'd finished outlining the last lightbulb, I told my idea to go screw itself and instead just made this. If you want to see her blink, go to one of my older journals. My avatar blinks there. XD;;;;

:star:Journalish Entry:star:

I have joined :iconthumbjr:'s Secret Santa! :D So secret that no one knew I was even in it until last minute, because me and thumbjr be shady like that. XD;;

Sorry to put my wishlist up so late.

:bulletblue: Any drawing of any of my original characters in casual dress <3
:bulletblue: Happy Luffy! :love: (One Piece)
:bulletblue: Any couple drawing (sharing a scarf!) of any of the flwg: ErikaxLargo (Megatokyo) / AkanexSubaru (Hot Gimmick) / NarutoxHinata (Naruto) / TamakixHaruhi (Ouran High School Host Club) / ZoroxTashigi (One Piece)

:bulletblue: A 100 word drabble, please! Of anything pertaining to the OTPs mentioned above, whether it be romantic and fluffy, dark and angsty, or just plain fun and silliness. :heart:

And that's it!

In other news, I have yet to formulate a proper art updating plan just yet, but I have a feeling that's going to be one of my new year's resolutions... XD;


:bulletorange: :iconjordinary: Ghibli characters for 5555:… (It has yet to be inked and coloured.)

:bulletorange: :iconjackr: Megatokyo fanart for 11,111: In progress.

:bulletorange: Next kirbian at 30,000.

:star:Art Trades and Requests:star:

:heart: Art trade with :iconthumbjr: :heart: I've got the inked version up on devart now at… - I'll colour this one day. Really.

:heart: :ninja: Art trade with certain someone... okay, still working on the sketch. >_>;; (I'm so sorry.)

:heart: Currently closed.

:star:Serpamia Flare:star:

:bulletblack: Strip 0043 - 100%

:bulletblack: Strip 0044 - 80% (Fully coloured. Just need to add backgrounds and text now.)

:bulletblack: Strip 0045 - 50% (Inked.)

People made of awesome :heart:


Clubs :heart:


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Raise My Eyebrows At You

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 13, 2009, 7:54 PM

:megaphone: Corkboard! :megaphone:

:note: Okay, so I could have done the animation a liiittle better... XD; I'll try harder next time.

:star:Journalish Entry:star:

It's been a long while since I last updated, I realise that... I guess I haven't been trying hard enough to get drawing on a more regular schedule.

I have a bit of time before I have to go out, so I'll try to update with some of the things I've been doing in the meantime. Until next time when I update properly, check out my confused-looking-blinky-avatar! Lulz.


:bulletorange: :iconjordinary: Ghibli characters for 5555:… (It has yet to be inked and coloured.)

:bulletorange: :iconjackr: Megatokyo fanart for 11,111: In progress.

:bulletorange: Next kirbian at 30,000.

:star:Art Trades and Requests:star:

:heart: Art trade with :iconthumbjr: :heart: I've got the inked version up on devart now at… - I'll colour this one day. Really.

:heart: :ninja: Art trade with certain someone... okay, still working on the sketch. >_>;; (I'm so sorry.)

:heart: Currently closed.

:star:Serpamia Flare:star:

:bulletblack: Strip 0043 - 100%

:bulletblack: Strip 0044 - 80% (Fully coloured. Just need to add backgrounds and text now.)

:bulletblack: Strip 0045 - 50% (Inked.)

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Take it at a sprint?

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2009, 6:58 AM

:megaphone: Corkboard! :megaphone:

:note: I'm totally out of shape animating things. It took way too long to get her to blink. XD;;

:star:Journalish Entry:star:

I realise I was in a bit of rut recently, so I made the decision two weeks ago to really whip myself into shape.

This also includes updating my devart much more frequently than I've been 'attempting' to lately. Ugh. I need to seriously get more disciplined!!

Once I'm done fiddling with my journal I'll try to post up the latest stuff I've been doing as of late.


:bulletorange: :iconjordinary: Ghibli characters for 5555:… (It has yet to be inked and coloured.)

:bulletorange: :iconjackr: Megatokyo fanart for 11,111: In progress.

:bulletorange: Tell you what, next kirbian at 30,000. That certainly won't happen for a while and will give me enough time to actually complete the ones in progress. ^^;

:star:Art Trades and Requests:star:

:heart: Art trade with :iconthumbjr: :heart: I've got the inked version up on devart now at… - the coloured version will be uploaded as soon as I'm able to do so. For now, I hoped the inked version works as a sufficient placeholder.

:heart: :ninja: Art trade with certain someone... this one has been done for ages as a rough sketch but has yet to be finalised. Soon, I hope?

:heart: Currently closed.

:star:Serpamia Flare:star:

:bulletblack: Strip 0043 - 100%

:bulletblack: Strip 0044 - 60% (Layout completed on Photoshop.)

:bulletblack: Strip 0045 - 50% (Inked.)

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