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Depending on where you're from, here's a little something for Arabian Knight, The Princess and the Cobbler or The Thief and the Cobbler~

I remember watching this on television when I was pretty young. I could never remember the title but the memory of Tack, the silent main character, stayed with me always. The animation enraptured me and the design of the main character and the way he moved enthralled me and I totally fell in love.

Recently I suddenly remembered the title and found it on YouTube. I saw the Miramax version and was really confused because I did not remember Tack speaking at all, and yet he was yabbering away in this particular version. Soon I found out that in the original cut, Tack doesn't speak - and he is a gajillion times better for it because the animation expresses all of him without his vocal input. (That's how amazing this animation is!)

Anyway, I just wanted to doodle a tribute for what I consider a real masterpiece of animation (and I mean the original cut, not the butchered one with unnecessary voices and confusing continuity errors). Took around an hour and did it all - from inks to shading - on Photoshop CS5.

Tack is such a sweetheart. :heart: :love:

Full length original cut of The Thief and the Cobbler:…


I uploaded this onto tumblr a while ago and noticed only recently that some people actually reblogged it! O_o If you're into tumblr and you like reblogging and stuff, then please feel free to do so~
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