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Serpamia Flare Strip 375



Sorry for the emo overload; when I give Cain the mic, he goes into very sad monologues. :'D I am rather happy with how the last couple of panels turns out though... XD

Anyway, just to help readers the connect the dots here:

- Cain mentioned that he only started to be a cleric three years ago, and Ren states that it's been four years since Cain was banished. So what was Cain doing in that missing gap year? Apparently, according to this strip: nothing ^^;
- You might have noticed Cain's hair was long-ish in the brief flashback he has here, and he also has long-ish hair in the last couple of panels of this page. Cain wasn't joking when he said he was moping for months... say, a year... :P
- And finally: Cain used to have a six-pack so what happened to it since he doesn't seem so well-built now? A year (or close to it) of moping around can kill a six-pack, unfortunately. XD; So there you go.

Whew, so much talky-talky! Can we go back to just killing bugs again, please? No...? Oh dear, looks like we're in for more talky stuff next few pages. Sorry! XD

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Also his long-ish hair is adorbs :giggle: