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Serpamia Flare Strip 284



And so it begins - our little history/religion lore lesson, that is. Taught by Mr. Cain! XD; He has a high knowledge score in Religion so this will be educational.

When it comes to background information I always prefer it when characters give it rather than a narrator. SF has no narrator, so it would be utterly jarring to have one suddenly appear for the sake of explaining how Archaiea works anyway. Because of that I had trouble trying to figure out when the heck the characters would get around to talking about how Archaiea began and what Aqua exactly is.

I had a choice back in the start of chapter two to go into it when they stumbled across the aquafall, but then I had put myself on a very strict 40 page limit for that chapter, and felt I just didn't have the time to go into it. That, and it was a little awkward anyway because all of them know what an aquafall is and no one would ask about it. ("Gosh that was a pretty big thunderstorm last night, wasn't it?" "Hey, how does rain work again? I forget." "Well, let's start with how this world began." <-- not a conversation that happens irl)

And so four chapters went by without any of the characters talking about what the heck an aquafall was while randomly referring to it, and then finally I had the space to do it here, in chapter five. It's a good time to do it before the characters start getting mauled. I'm glad to finally reach this point. XD;

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Got a question, in the very beginning you stated that SF was an idea for an MMO. I also notice some conversations can be a little RPG-ish. So is this story taking place in an MMO or am I reading the lore of it. Or did you just throw out that point and haven't thought of it until you read this.