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Serpamia Flare Strip 117



Woo, a two-in-one strip! We'll just count it as one because I want the pages to be seen together as opposed to separately. (I'm sure one day, whenever I put this into print, I will be all blegharrr over how I've done the numbering for these pages. :P)

[ramble begin]
The first half of this strip was never thumbnailed and was not going actually be shown at all, and only mentioned in passing. However, as I drew these pages I just felt like the depth of what Rik had gone through was not clearly expressed at all. Therefore I went for a bit of a 'recollection in snapshots' sort of thing to try and capture just the feelings Rik has regarding his injury, and not so much exactly what happened (like, I didn't bother drawing the glass bits embedded in his eyeball, for example). I'm happy with the result, but it was a page so far removed from the others I felt like I had to show the page together with the next so the contrast could be seen directly and not separately.
[end inane rambling]

Thanks for reading! :D

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